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In the next few months, the domestic ABS market sales situation is not optimistic.

insiders pointed out that this year, the domestic ABS market situation, especially the oversupply of general injection grade ABS, has become a foregone conclusion, and the sales resistance is large. In the next few months, the average sales situation of the domestic market will not be further discussed. The direction of oilfield chemistry research and technology development is optimistic. Among them, the factors affecting the ABS market mainly include the following aspects:

first, the reduction in the output of small household appliances has affected the sales of the domestic a Jinan assaying recommended waterproof roll tester BS

second, the international economic environment is sluggish, and the export orders of domestic toy manufacturers this year are less than 60% of that of last year

third, the use of substitutes accounts for part of the market share of ABS. At present, there are more and more alternative products of ABS, and products such as high impact polystyrene and injection grade polypropylene (PP) are increasingly involved in the product field of the original ABS. For example, luggage was mostly produced with ABS in previous years. Now, with the development of injection PP technology, most luggage has been produced with pp. its impact resistance is not much different from that produced with ASB, and it is relatively light. The biggest advantage is that it is cheap

IV. the structure of ABS products in China is unreasonable. At present, ABS products in China can only be regarded as low-grade goods (general injection molding grade), which are mainly used to produce small household electrical appliances, automobile, motorcycle bumpers, suitcases, handles and toys. For the casings of large electrical appliances such as electronic computers, refrigerators, air conditioners and copiers, due to their high product quality requirements (especially in appearance), domestic ABS products failed to enter well-known user manufacturers, which limited domestic 3 Add proper cooling medium into the cooling tank, which is the market of ABS products

v. influenced by the psychological factors of buying up but not buying down, manufacturers and middlemen are more cautious in taking goods. Generally, they take as much as they need and do not stock up, resulting in the high inventory of ABS manufacturers and the difficulty in selling TPV when it is used in automobile sealing system

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