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The domestic output of epoxy resin exceeded the import volume for the first time

the domestic output of epoxy resin in China exceeded the import volume for the first time. According to the customs data, the epoxy resin produced with imported bisphenol A is about 110000 tons, plus the epoxy resin produced with domestic bisphenol A, the actual output of epoxy resin in China in the first five months reached about 130000 tons; The amount of epoxy resin imported in the same period was only 75000 tons

the domestic output exceeds the import output, marking that China's epoxy resin industrial structure and production level have jumped to a new level, which is a milestone in China's epoxy resin industry. According to the analysis of insiders, the increase mainly comes from three aspects: first, the old national enterprises have maintained development, especially the production and sales scale of Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory and baling epoxy resin factory has formed a 10000 ton platform, and the independent intellectual property technology accumulated for many years has also made great progress; Second, the rapid rise of emerging domestic enterprises. For example, Dalian Qihua has built a 20000 ton/grade production plant from a high starting point, and the Japanese emperor recently announced that it would receive customers for 125 million euros, requiring us to keep up with the supply of automotive interior materials from Germany, and the quality of the company should reach the domestic first-class; Third, multinational companies (including large chemical groups in Taiwan) strengthened investment, and Guangdong Hongchang, Tianjin Qihua and Zhangjiagang Dow were successively completed and put into operation. As a result, the production capacity of epoxy resin in China has increased significantly, and the technology level of mainstream enterprises has reached the top of the world

the rapid development of China's epoxy resin industry benefits from the further promotion of China's opening-up and is also the product of global economic integration. This moisture absorption trend will be consolidated and developed with the sustainable development of China's economy, especially the formation of the "world manufacturing center". On the other hand, bisphenol A, one of the main raw materials of epoxy resin, is only a production base in Wuxi in China, but the production capacity under construction and proposed to be built has reached more than 700000 tons/year. The formation of investment scale in raw material industry indicates that the development of epoxy resin will also reach a climax again, and China's epoxy resin industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment

statement: in particular, the industrial waste of biological resources is likely to be used in ABL

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