The domestic organic methanol market remained vola

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Last week, the domestic organic methanol market remained volatile

market brief comment. Last week, the domestic methanol market remained volatile. At present, the supply and demand are in a relatively balanced state, and the domestic methanol 5.2zui large dynamic experimental force: after several months of continuous growth in the output of 500kN, due to the tight supply of natural gas and the centralized maintenance of methanol plants in the north, the total amount will fall, while the start-up of downstream plants will rise slowly, and the amount of imported methanol will continue to decrease, so that the base will be built to develop new chemical materials The market supply pressure of inorganic non-metallic new materials and metal new materials is gradually reduced. In the short term, the driving force of methanol price rise is insufficient, but the falling space is also very narrow, and the narrow range shock trend is still expected to continue

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