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The domestic market share of domestic machine tools has been declining year by year, which should be paid attention to.

as it has become a new force in the packaging industry in recent years, there is a gap between domestic machine tools in meeting the increasing needs of users, resulting in a sharp increase in machine tool imports, resulting in a decline in the domestic market share of domestic machine tools year by year. According to statistics, the domestic market share of domestic CNC metal cutting machine tools in 2003 was only 30% by amount. Relevant people believe that this current problem should be highly valued by relevant state departments and machine tool enterprises

the situation is grim

according to customs statistics, today's microcomputer controlled electronic control experimental machines use electronic extensometer to detect and collect the deformation rate. From January to April, China imported 41800 metal processing machine tools, with an amount of $1.718 billion, an increase of 37.3% over the same period in 2003; Although the export of machine tools in China increased by 30.7% year-on-year, the amount was only US $140million, accounting for only 8.15% of the import volume, and the inverse difference between import and export reached US $1.578 billion

in 2003, China imported 4.13 billion US dollars of metal processing machine tools, while the export of China's metal processing machine tools in the same period was only 379 million US dollars, and the export was only one tenth of the import. Among these machine tools imported by China last year, CNC machine tools accounted for the vast majority

According to statistics, the import of metal processing machine tools in China was only 1.39 billion US dollars in 1998, increased to 1.514 billion US dollars in 1999, 1.89 billion US dollars in 2000, 2.406 billion US dollars in 2001 and 3.15 billion US dollars in 2002. Almost one step a year. In recent years, imported machine tools have made great efforts in the field represented by automobile manufacturing, forcing the domestic market share of domestic machine tools to drop from 50% to 30%. The situation is very serious

historical review

recall that in the early 1990s, there was also a situation that the domestic market share of domestic machine tools decreased year by year. At that time, the share of domestic machine tools in the domestic market was 63% in 1992, down to 55% in 1993 and less than 40% in 1994

in the first half of 1995, Bao Xuding, then Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, and Yu Chengting, then deputy director of the Department of mechanical basic equipment of the Ministry of machinery, held many forums and visited machine tool enterprises. Bao Xuding and Yu Chengting believed that the poor image and low reputation of domestic machine tools in the eyes of users at that time were important reasons for the decline of domestic market share of domestic machine tools year by year

under the organization of the former Ministry of machinery industry and the initiative of some machine tool enterprises, on June 29, 1995, the heads of 36 machine tool host manufacturers, 11 CNC machine tool parts plants, and 7 machine tool electrical plants, a total of 54 machine tool enterprises, gathered in Beijing and issued the "quality assurance statement" characterized by economic compensation, determined to pay close attention to quality, strengthen service, reshape the new image of domestic machine tools, and recapture the lost market

it is reported that the main content of the quality assurance statement that polyurea will be adopted again by the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway is: the machine tools and other products that leave the factory are of high quality and reliable, so that early failures can be eliminated in the factory; If the quality problem is found, the manufacturer will send maintenance personnel within 48 hours. If it cannot be repaired within the specified time, the user will be compensated financially

after the efforts of the whole machine tool industry, the quality and service of domestic machine tools have been significantly improved since 1996. Around 1998, the domestic market share of domestic machine tools recaptured "half of the country", more than 50%

how to improve the market share

at present, facing the severe situation that the market share of domestic machine tools is declining year by year, how to improve the market share? Relevant people believe that we should do a good job in the following aspects

improve the quality and reliability of machine tools. According to the survey, large automobile manufacturers will lose tens of millions of yuan in output value if they shut down for one day, so users have high requirements for the reliability of machine tools. The important data to assess the reliability index of machine tools is the mean time between failures. Most foreign machine tools exceed 10000 hours, while domestic machine tools are far lower than this figure

domestic machine tools must make great efforts in improving product quality and ensuring reliability, so as to win back the market with practical actions

ensure delivery time. An important reason why users choose foreign machine tools is that the delivery date of domestic machine tools cannot meet their needs. Domestic machine tool enterprises generally take 3-6 months from receiving orders to delivery. Users who want to buy machine tools can't wait to get the goods the next day. Chinese machine tool enterprises should learn from foreign advanced experience, optimize the design, reasonably adjust the production organization, and do everything possible to shorten the delivery time of products to meet the needs of users

the level of technology development. From the perspective of imported machine tools in the first four months of this year, the majority of imports are medium and high-end CNC machine tools. Therefore, in order to improve the domestic market share of domestic machine tools, we should step by step and develop more high-speed, composite, precision, intelligent and environmental protection machine tools urgently needed in the production market

the state should increase its support for the machine tool industry. Machine tool industry is the basic industry of national economy and one of the important symbols of a country's industrial level. To revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, the country must first revitalize the machine tool industry. Relevant people suggested that the state should continue to increase its support for the machine tool industry, and give preferential policies in taxation, national debt technical transformation, scientific research and other aspects

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