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PP: domestic market continues to rise ()

varieties East China, South China, North China

LDPE film grade

HDPE wire drawing grade

HDPE injection grade

HD open oil delivery valve PE film grade

HDPE hollow grade

LLDPE film grade year 0

PP wire drawing grade

PP plastic injection grade and adopt microcomputer closed-loop control

IPP film grade -

pp block copolymerization (0.3 ≤ mi ≤ 3)

ps (GPPS) -



PVC (ethylene method

PVC resin)

PP the rise in oil prices and petrochemical prices have pushed the market forward, and the market continues to rise, but there are not many resources, and traders control shipments; Copolymers: less resources, good deal

North China: PP market resources around Yanshan are extremely tight. At present, T30S is quoted at about yuan/ton, Yanshan S1003 has scarce resources, b8101 is under quoted at 9600 yuan/ton, k8303 is rarely quoted, k7726 is quoted at 9200 yuan/ton, 4220 yuan/ton, and b4808 transparent material is quoted at 8650 yuan/ton. The merchants said they were not in a hurry to release the material

East China: the market in East China is rising, and negotiations are limited. The PP market in Hangzhou continues to rise, with few resources and increased speculation; Today, Daqing T30S reported at yuan/ton, Zhenhai/Sanyuan T30S reported at about 8100 yuan/ton, and a small amount of SECCO S1003 reported at yuan/ton; There are few resources of copolymers, and Yangzi K8003 reported to about 9300 yuan/ton; M800e transparent material is reported to 9400 yuan/ton. 8200 yuan/ton for y2600t fiber material. Today, the PP market quotation in Nanjing continued to rise in the morning, with F401 reported to yuan/ton, f601 reported to about 8050 yuan/ton, and K8003 reported to about 9300 yuan/ton

South China: the market in South China is rising, and there is a strong wait-and-see. Shunde PP market offers little in the morning, and the mainstream is stable. Maoming nt30s offers yuan/ton without tickets; Note in terms of plastics, Hainan v30g reported 7600 yuan/ton, Maoming M160 reported 7600 yuan/ton, and Guangzhou cjs700 reported 7900 yuan/ton; Copolymers ept30r and epc30r are mainly reported as yuan/ton, and EPS30R is short, reported as 8400 yuan/ton. There are no tickets. The early quotation in Guangzhou PP market continues to rise. At present, Maoming nt30s and Dalian T30S are reported at 8000 yuan/ton, and Daqing T30S is reported at 7950 yuan/ton; The quotation of v30g is 8100 yuan/ton; EPC30R-H has few sources of goods, and some merchants reported 8800 yuan/ton. There is not much supply in the PP market in Xiamen, and the merchants indicated in the morning that the quotation of machine damage will continue to rise. At present, the mainstream quotation of Fulian and Dalian T30S is 8000 yuan/ton; 8100 yuan/ton for injection v30g; Copolymer EPS30R is basically out of stock

analysis and prediction: the PP market continues to rise with the overall situation, but there are few merchants, the downstream demand has not been substantially improved, the high-level transaction is difficult, the mainstream of merchants is waiting, and the hype atmosphere is still strong. It is expected that the market will not change much in the near future

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