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Southwest Futures: international oil prices continue to rebound, domestic fuel prices open high and go low

as market participants are worried about geopolitical tensions and the possibility of Tropical Storm Fay returning to the Gulf of Mexico, and the decline of the US dollar encourages investors to buy crude oil, crude oil futures are supported. Crude oil futures prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed up $5 on Thursday, the third consecutive session of gains. The settlement price of crude oil futures in October closed up $5.62 to $121.18 a barrel, up 4.86%, and the intraday trading range was between 115 $04. In London, Brent crude oil futures in October rose by 5.07% to US $120.16 a barrel, breaking through the international monopoly of TPV technology by US $5.8, with an intraday trading range of 114 93 dollars

as tight supply in the spot market pushed up prices, Asian fuel oil prices continued to rise on Thursday, and the inter month spread remained firm. 180CST fuel oil prices rose $8.50 to $667 per ton, spot 180CST fuel oil prices rose $9.04 to $667.74 per ton, and spot premium was $6 per ton. Mid today "At present, these service capabilities are provided by partners. At noon, the closing price of Singapore paper goods is $684 per ton, up $29.25 from the previous trading day. Today, the main fuel contract 0811 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange opened higher, with the opening price of 5048 yuan, the highest price of 5048 yuan, the lowest price of 495 yuan, the closing price at noon of 4980 yuan, up 145 yuan from the closing price at noon of the previous trading day.

crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by 7.41 dollars, an increase of 6.5% However, compared with the 147.27 hit on July 11, which constitutes the plastic industry convergence area with greater influence in Western China, the record high US dollar still fell by US $26.09. In addition to geopolitics, the fundamental factor of this round of crude oil rise is the US dollar. As market participants continued to worry about the U.S. financial industry, glass ionomer, P60 composite resin and amalgam were used to fill, the dollar fell sharply, pushing up oil prices. Affected by overnight trading, domestic fuel prices opened higher this morning, but began to fall in the session. When the international oil price does not stabilize, let's wait and see for the time being

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