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The international share of the high-end market of the lock industry will increase, and the future development will be unlimited

affected by the vigorous development of the hardware industry, the lock industry related to it has also developed to a certain extent. So far, the overall capacity of the lock market has reached as much as 70billion, and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are the main concentration of lock manufacturers. With the expansion of industrial clusters, the international share of the high-end market of China's lock industry is also increasing

development needs to improve product quality and be market-oriented

after decades of reform and opening up, China's lock industry, which is both traditional and emerging, has accelerated its evolution to modern manufacturing. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2012, China's lock industry had formed an annual output value of 60billion yuan, and China has become the world's largest lock manufacturer. In terms of development quality, the hardware industry, including the lock industry, still has obvious gaps in product quality, R & D and design capabilities, independent brand and marketing channel construction, total factor productivity and international competitiveness. Chinese lock enterprises should constantly enhance their independent innovation ability, high-end manufacturing ability, marketing ability and brand influence with the change of living conditions, and promote China's transformation from a large lock manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country

according to the statistics of relevant departments, China's lock products have been exported to 208 countries and regions, with a cumulative export volume of US $5.229 billion. The small lockset can produce 60billion yuan, which benefits from the industrial transformation and upgrading, the application of modern high-tech, enterprise brand management and the growth of market demand. The transformation of traditional industries with high-tech has achieved remarkable results in the lockset industry. China's lockset industry has formed a comprehensive industrial system covering machinery, electronics and biotechnology, with thousands of varieties, spanning multiple disciplines and industries

according to customs statistics, the average annual export growth rate of the lock industry during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period reached 31%, twice the average growth rate of the whole hardware industry. With this strong continuation, the future of the lock market is unimaginable. The wide variety of locks and the richness of the market highlight the necessity of the development of the lock characteristic market. Building a labor-intensive characteristic industry with high threshold, high specialization and high-end locks is the only way for China's lock industry in the future

therefore, lock enterprises only have to check the product quality, take the market as the guide, increase the adjustment of product structure, computer calculable and digital display material impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum angle and experimental average value, innovate science and technology, increase the research and development of new materials and new processes, and establish a characteristic brand market of locks with strong influence. The development of lock industry in the future is also unlimited

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