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The international quotation of styrene butadiene rubber fell last week

styrene butadiene rubber: the international quotation this week is 1502 US dollars/ton of China's main port of non oil filled grade, down 40 US dollars/ton from last week. Southeast Asia is 1400-1440 dollars/ton, down 40 dollars/ton from last week. Oil filled 1712 China's main port is 1200-1230 US dollars/ton, down 25 US dollars/ton from last week. Southeast Asia is 1250-1300 dollars/ton, down 50 dollars/ton from last week

Northeast Asia: the competitive shipping price from Russia and Europe is 11 yuan/ton. The quotation of Asian dollars/ton (CFR China main port) failed to attract buyers to replace the oil suction filter and filter element regularly

Southeast Asia: contract negotiations continued in the first quarter of 2006. Manufacturers in the region quoted $1, 500/ton for non oil filled and glass similar 1502 goods (CFR Southeast Asia), and $1, 300/ton for oil filled 1712 goods (CFR Southeast Asia). The user's intended purchase price for two-level shipments is lower than US dollars/ton when encountering resistance. The wide bid ask spread hindered the contract negotiation in the first quarter of 2006 according to the 20 network data

India: in the first quarter of 2006, there was limited interest in imported shipments from Asia, as buyers had purchased sufficient inventory shipments earlier to meet the first quarter demand from model to bonding mechanism. In the fourth quarter of 2005, the contract transaction price of non oil filled 1502 goods was $450/ton CIF India, and that of oil filled 1712 goods was $300/ton CFR India

domestic market prices have risen steadily this week, and there are signs of speculation. The price increase in a week ranges from 200-600 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market was tight, and some users began to take goods one after another, while traders were reluctant to sell. The supply of goods of enterprises is generally tight, and the price is increased to: Qilu Petrochemical rosin price 13000-13100 yuan/ton, oil filling price is 11400 yuan/ton, and the current production is 1712. The price of Jilin Petrochemical 1500/1502 is 12700-12900 yuan/ton. Nantong Shenhua sent the quoted rosin glue 14500 yuan/ton and oil filled glue 12000 yuan/ton. The quotation of Lanhua rosin styrene butadiene rubber 130001712 is 11300 yuan/ton

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