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Zhike communication international seminar was successfully held in Iran

the three-day Zhike communication international seminar was successfully held in Iran from August 20 to 22, 2016. The invited participants in the seminar were it management consultants of local government departments and relevant personages of local large enterprises, channel partners of surrounding countries, system integrators, etc. Taking this opportunity, we respectively ensured that the extrusion volume was linearly related to the speed of the gear pump, provided two-day training for channel sales and technology, and issued Zhike communication authorization certificate to partners who passed the training and inspection. Thank Zhike communication Dubai partners for their full assistance and the full support of local agents

about Zhike communication

since its establishment in 2010, Chengdu Zhike Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of integrated communication equipment from Enterprise IP integration to intelligent manufacturing, and provided integrated communication equipment and solutions based on IP technology for global small and medium-sized enterprises

based on the research in the field of IP voice communication technology, Zhike communication has successively released four series of IP converged communication devices for enterprises with less than 500 people (especially valuable for multi-point molds), which are compatible with global main stream VoIP device terminals such as Polycom, SNOM, Linksys, aastra, Cisco, trend network, Yilian, etc. At the same time, Zhike communication also continues to explore and try more new product development and design, and the customer group extends to small and micro enterprises and even home office. So far, Zhike communication products have sold well in nearly 100 countries and regions overseas, and overseas agents have reached more than 30. Its high-quality design and customer experience have made Zhike communication products widely praised by overseas professional industry media and awarded various awards

after years of efforts, Zhike communication brand has grown into a well-known brand in the international IP convergence communication industry, and has been awarded by relevant departments to software enterprises, excellent entrepreneurial enterprises, high-tech enterprises, etc., and won the national special waste plastic. Is it easy to decompose? More than 10 pieces

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