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Xinhua commentary: the white paper highlights China's firm position and responsibility

Xinhua commentary: the white paper highlights China's firm position and responsibility

June 3, 2019

the State Council Office released the white paper on China's position on China US economic and trade consultations on June 2, 2019. This is another white paper on Sino US economic and trade issues issued by the Chinese government after the white paper "facts and China's position on Sino US economic and trade frictions" was released on September 24 last year. A large number of facts and detailed data will reveal the true face of U.S. bullying, clarify China's firm principled position, and demonstrate the confidence and responsibility of a negative power

the merits are self-evident. This 8300 word white paper reveals for the first time the truth that the United States has reneged on three occasions during the consultations, and gives a strong response to the threat of some American politicians using extreme pressure recently - around the automobile related industrial chain -

in the past may, the United States ignored the important consensus reached by the heads of state of China and the United States in Argentina on December 1, 2018 on Power: 120W, reducing the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance to ensure safe production, Despite the significant progress reached on most issues through intensive rounds of high-level economic and trade consultations between the working teams of the two sides, they not only announced the increase of tariffs on China, but also continuously imposed "long arm jurisdiction" sanctions on many Chinese enterprises such as Huawei in the name of national security, and irresponsibly accused China of "retrogressing" its position and acting recklessly, which shocked the world

"the US government is entirely responsible for the serious setback in China US economic and trade negotiations." Facts have proved that every twists and turns in the negotiations stem from the United States' violation of consensus, reneging and dishonesty. A series of trade protection measures taken by the United States violate the rules of the world trade organization, damage the multilateral trading system, seriously interfere with the global industrial chain, and pose a major threat to the trend of economic globalization. It is precisely the United States government that "reverses" and "splashes dirty water"

in the country of gentlemen, courtesy precedes soldiers. In the face of the new tariff threat from the United States, China, proceeding from the overall situation of safeguarding China US economic and trade relations, maintained a rational and restrained attitude, and still went to the United States to participate in the eleventh round of economic and trade consultations, demonstrating its utmost sincerity and negative attitude in resolving economic and trade differences with the United States through dialogue

as for the trade war, China is unwilling to fight, afraid of fighting, and has to fight when necessary. This attitude has not changed. From the announcement of raising tariffs on some goods imported from the United States from June 1 to warning the United States not to use China's exports of rare earth made products to curb and suppress China's development, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it would establish a "list of unreliable entities" system, When the relevant departments decided to file a case to investigate the suspected damage of FedEx to the legitimate rights and interests of our users... Recently, a series of counter-measures taken by China have proved with practical actions that "China is ready to meet any challenges", and also let the outside world understand the real connotation of "talk, open the door; fight, accompany to the end"

"in the general direction of China US economic and trade consultations, China is not looking backward, but looking forward." Focusing on the tide of economic globalization, the common expectation of stability and prosperity of the world economy and the common well-being of human society, through the white paper, China has shown the world the position and attitude of a negative power -

China and the United States will benefit from cooperation, and both sides will hurt if they fight. Cooperation is the only correct choice for both sides. In the face of consultations, China's principled position has always been clear: the differences and frictions between China and the United States in the field of economy and trade ultimately need to be resolved through dialogue and consultation. However, there are principles for cooperation and a bottom line for consultation. China will never make concessions on major issues of principle. If the United States wants to continue the talks, it must respect China's sovereignty and dignity, face China and jointly promote the conclusion of an equal and mutually beneficial agreement, which is in the interests of the Chinese and American people and conforms to the expectations of all countries in the world

in the great changes that have not occurred in the world in a century, China's future development is bound to be difficult, dangerous and even stormy. However, the glorious course of new China's 70 years of endeavor makes us firmly believe that no matter how the situation changes, China will adhere to doing its own thing well and expand itself through reform and opening up, which is the fundamental way to deal with risks and challenges

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