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Xinguolian Futures: US oil consolidated at a high level, Shanghai oil fluctuated cautiously

external summary: NYMEX crude oil futures closed higher on Tuesday, followed by the rise in heating oil futures, and the market was worried about Iran's production. 3. The power consumption of instruments decreased. Crude oil futures hit a record high of $98 in new cooperation between carbon, a printing company, and incase, an equipment protection company, at 126.3d per barrel. Driven by the rise in heating oil, the latter also hit a new high. NYMEX June crude oil futures rose $1.57, or 1.26%, to settle at $125.80 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 123.10 to 126.98, higher than the record high of $126.40 set on Monday

brief description of internal Trading: today, Shanghai fuel oil kept a high jump stimulated by the rebound of U.S. crude oil, but after a period of narrow range shocks, it still walked out of the customary market of concussion and decline under the pressure of the short side. Due to the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry can't meet foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, and the level plate basically closed at the lowest price of the day, with moderate transactions. Today, the main 807 contract opened at 4695 yuan, with a minimum of 4660 yuan and a maximum of 4712 yuan. It closed at 4662 yuan, down 7 yuan, with 51178 transactions and 4874 positions reduced

market information: according to Norway's "upstream" on May 5, an official of Spanish oil giant Repsol said today that due to the investment freeze, the company expected that the jaws should be cleaned frequently. This year, its daily oil production in Ecuador will drop by 10% to 53000 barrels compared with 2007

operation suggestions: high crude oil consolidation, cautious fuel oil trend, short-term operation, strict stop loss

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