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Xinguolian Futures: spot premium, technical support, rubber price short-term support

in the morning, the rubber opened low and fluctuated within the day. As of the time of writing, it closed at 33. I felt that it was respected, understood and recognized by this enterprise for entrepreneurs from the bottom of my heart. 5.4, Shanghai Rubber opened high and went low. After reaching the 26680 day low, it fluctuated around the 26740 line until the closing. The market finally closed at 26770, with positions reduced by 410 to 141546 and transactions of 305908

fundamentals, the domestic supply increases, the domestic spot intraday quotation is 27261, which maintains the rising water state and boosts the rubber price, which is also the reason why the rubber price cannot fall at present. However, the spot price obviously stagnates, and the price difference between synthetic rubber and natural rubber expands to about 4000, which basically does not support the natural rubber price, which is bad for rubber in the short term, and the crude oil price falls, which depresses the rubber price

in terms of technology, the Japanese rubber opened low and fluctuated, falling below the 30 day moving average and Brin line medium rail, and RSI indicators showed signs of deviation. The 10 day and 30 day moving average was low, and there was pressure in the short term, that is, carbon fiber had callback requirements. Supported by the 30 day moving average and Brin line, Shanghai Jiaotong 809 fluctuated within the day, but the RSI index also showed a deviation, and the moving average system leveled and showed signs of bow. It is required to continue to decline in the short term. Once it fell below the 30 day moving average, it will be adjusted significantly downward

operation suggestions: the fundamentals remain positive, but the arrival of the comprehensive tapping period has brought some pressure to the rubber price. Recently, the domestic supply has gradually increased, and there is a certain pressure on the rubber price. There is a short-term callback risk. In the early stage, the Bulls leave the market, and the short-term bears of the first generation all plastic engine participate or wait-and-see, falling below the 30th. Due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory, the bears follow up after the average, and stop after breaking the position

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