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Xinhua: show the new image of XCMG smart manufacturing on the international stage

Xinhua: show the new image of XCMG smart manufacturing on the international stage

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"technology is leading and can't be destroyed"

before the Spring Festival, the Eighth China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo in Shanghai ended. At this top industry event in Asia, XCMG group presented the latest achievements of Jiangsu construction machinery manufacturing in an all-round way with the theme of "ingenuity, smart manufacturing for you". While thinking about how to further innovate, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, also announced the industry gold standard to the world: "technology is leading and can't be destroyed."

one wheel, with a diameter of 3.8 meters, and the whole vehicle is two floors high. At the exhibition site of Pudong New International Expo Center, XCMG's new xde300 teleoperated mining dump truck attracted many amazing eyes. Stand in front of the wheel, less than half the height of the wheel. Zhang Chao, the director of the product, said that this 210 ton bulk can transport 300 tons of minerals at a time in the mine, with a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. "We have applied the world's most advanced electric drive system, and it is no problem for the whole vehicle to run for 60000 hours." Zhang Chao said that this car is worth more than 30 million yuan, and only one wheel costs 400000 yuan, which is enough to buy a BMW

in addition to xde300, there are many industry-leading new products such as the 1200 ton all terrain crane xca1200, "Internet +" smart crane xca60-e, "mining giant" xe3000 excavator. At this exhibition, XCMG launched 70 main engines, with a booth area of 6160 square meters, which is also the largest among nearly 3000 exhibitors in 41 countries

In addition to the whole machine, XCMG also brought 45 parts (sets) to the exhibition. Among them, there are a number of high-end benchmark key parts such as the boom cylinder of the first super large tonnage excavator in China, the aluminum alloy water pipe of the leading fire truck in China, the MYF series electric cabinet that comprehensively replaces imports, WA drive axle, as well as the multi scene hoisting scheme, information-based intelligent terminal, etc. At the exhibition site, green, director of brand and business development of Canada's Japa machinery grup company, praised XCMG: "it represents the forefront of China's advanced manufacturing technology, and the products have strong adaptability. It has established a foothold in the western market of Canada and is very competitive." How to expand the attachment on the existing universal experimental machine to realize the cupping experiment has become a problem that manufacturers or experimenters should solve.

"in the past, it was difficult to open the oil return valve because it was' stuck 'by people. We must solve the two world-class topics of' hollowing out 'and intellectualization of construction machinery in order to break the deadlock of large but not strong manufacturing in China." In Wang Min's view, at present, the volume, scale and space of China's construction machinery have basically peaked, but the potential to improve the value space of the industry is huge, that is, to enter the international market, and even to the territory occupied by multinational companies. When I was creating, I didn't deliberately think about their significance and value to break into a world. "We need to advance into the middle and high end, and improve the technical content, quality and added value of our products. This will be our new growth point." Wang Min said

based on this, XCMG group released the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" at the exhibition. Its goal is to achieve "six leading", that is, the reliability, environmental adaptability, safety, maintainability, controllability and economy of use of products. It is based on "four uses": easy to use, effective, durable and practical. In order to effectively implement this standard, XCMG refined the "ten actions" of quality management, and took the ultimate pursuit of product quality as the driving force to achieve a world-class leap

at the same time, "XCMG industrial cloud platform" was also launched at the exhibition, and joined hands with Alibaba, Huawei and Chinatelecom to establish China's first industrial cloud alliance, striving to become a global industry technology leader, standard setter, data owner and ecological builder

in fact, after long-term investment, XCMG has established a global R & D system centered on XCMG Research Institute, radiating Europe, the United States, Brazil and other countries, and successfully developed the world's largest 4000 ton crawler crane, 2000 ton all terrain crane, 400 ton mining excavator and truck Jinan Shijin, the 100 meter high-altitude fire engine, the highest in Asia, is the first enterprise series to produce experimental machines in our country, representing the advanced level of China and even the world

on the international stage, XCMG has shown its greatness. From the construction site of the world cup venue in Qatar to the construction site of the main stadium of the Brazilian Olympic Games, the pipeline laying in the oil production area in Houston, the United States, as well as the construction sites such as the Turkish railway, the Kenyan capital airport, the Maldives sea crossing bridge, you can see a large number of bright "Xu Gongjin". At present, XCMG exports million mainframe machines to 176 countries annually, and the market share of Brazil, Russia, Australia and the Middle East ranks among the top three international brands

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that XCMG firmly follows the international development route of innovation leading and moving towards the middle and high end, which further demonstrates the courage and courage of Chinese manufacturing enterprises to shift gears and upgrade, and to be comparable to the world-class

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