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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong opened higher and went lower, and continued to maintain volatility

Shanghai Jiaotong opened higher in the morning due to the impact of Japanese Jiaotong, but the upward momentum was not strong. The main force opened higher and went lower in July, and continued to be close to the 120 day moving average, with a maximum of 23610, closing at 23280, 122906 transactions and 57706 positions

fundamentals, crude oil continues to hit new highs. The overnight settlement price of crude oil market in New York hit a record high of nearly $108 per barrel, but the high oil price has not been able to support the rubber price recently. At the same time, the rubber tapping period in Hainan and Yunnan is approaching, which is expected to depress the rubber market. In terms of spot prices, domestic spot prices did not follow the decline of futures prices and fell rapidly, and always remained high to support futures prices

on the technical side, the Japanese glue opened high and fluctuated, and the MACD index showed a downward crossing, with short-term support of 286 yen. In July, Shanghai Jiaotong 807, high opened and low went. MACD index shows that since August 2007, MACD index shows top deviation, upper pressure increases, and Technical Graphics weaken. For recent support, please consult manufacturer 23300 for details

operation suggestions: in the recent 120 days, 23300 materials, such as the diameter of the collet that can hold the sample, are supported at the isoline position, but the tapping period in the main domestic production areas is approaching, and in the later stage, the rubber price will be suppressed, the technology will break, and the midline bulls will leave the field at high prices. Investors can sell short at high prices, stop at 24000, and continue to follow up short positions below 23300

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