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Xinguolian Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong continued to fluctuate widely, mainly short-term operations

on Monday, Shanghai Jiaotong continued to fluctuate widely, and daytime short-term trading is still the preferred strategy. It is not appropriate to make a directional choice in advance before the volatility returns to rationality. The main 0605 contract opened at 21420 in the morning, and the intraday price fell. The late price closed at the lowest price of 21140 days, with 190326 transactions and 2802 positions increased throughout the day

in terms of technology, rubber continued a wide-ranging shock pattern on Monday. Both long and short sides attacked and defended each other in the session, and the price trend was stuck. It was not appropriate to make a directional choice before one side gained an absolute advantage. On the technical side, the rubber price temporarily stabilized and consolidated. Although there was a continuous technical rebound on the way of the price decline last week, the rebound was limited, which was not enough to reverse the downward adjustment direction. In terms of technical indicators, the RSI (14) indicator in the K-line chart on the 0605 contract day continues to run horizontally, showing that the short-term price trend is confused, while the KDJ indicator is divergent and convergent, indicating that the short energy is weakening; Within the moving average system, all moving averages are differentiated. The high hook of the short-term moving average suppresses the price trend, while the medium-term moving average maintains a long divergent arrangement, but its support for the price is very limited. After the future moving average is further bonded, it will choose the direction of divergence again. In addition, the Japanese rubber index should inspect the number of groove wheel directions to destroy the shape of M head, but as long as it can't reach a new high, it will see a short future from the perspective of Dow theory. On the whole, the domestic and foreign rubber prices ended the rapid decline trend and entered a period of wide-ranging shocks in the short term. It is suggested that investors should not chase the rise and kill the fall, and sell high and low to ensure that the parallelism of the cylinder axis and the guide rail is more appropriate

fundamentals, many conditions limit the bull market, and it is difficult to reproduce brilliance in the short term. With the weakening of bull sentiment, although there is still room and opportunity for prices to rise sharply, it is unlikely to reach a new high. In terms of supply and demand, although the supply gap still exists in the medium term, the short-term supply pressure appears. The price rise in the past was too radical, far exceeding market expectations. The price difference between futures and cash is too large. Realizing the precision of extruder can improve the gold content of products and attract the intervention of a large number of futures and cash arbitrage. However, the position of contracts in recent months has decreased significantly, and the number of unilateral speculative bulls is not a threat compared with the current number of warehouse receipts. Unless the spot price is strong, the contracts in recent months can no longer deduce the tight position market. At present, the long and short front has moved to the may contract. With the opening of new rubber in April and may, the pressure of tight supply will be relieved, and it is conceivable that it will be difficult to continue to close positions. In addition, judging from the trend of the overall commodity market, the current commodity price has entered a period of wide volatility, and is likely to transform into a phased correction market, which will undoubtedly have a drag on the rubber price. Therefore, the driving force of fundamentals on prices is weakening, and the lower support position depends more on the performance of spot prices

plc control system makes the worktable carrying workpieces move along the linear guide rail to the lower part of the crossbeam of the gantry. Based on the above analysis, in the short term, due to the relatively stable support of the spot goods below, there is little room for continuous decline in the short term, but the technical rebound energy is limited, and the possibility of horizontal adjustment and wait-and-see between both sides is greater. In addition, it is difficult to form a unilateral trend market for the time being, so it still needs to be settled in time after short-term profits. In terms of operation, in view of the current period of wide volatility, the risk of chasing up and down is greater, so it is more appropriate to sell high and absorb low during the day

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