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Xinhua III: cloud coverage of more than 67000 primary medical institutions

you, who are at the forefront of the medical industry, must be familiar with smart medicine. From registration and appointment to medical treatment, it is inseparable from the full support of digital technology

so, you know? In addition to 2, the tooth bar is deformed or the tooth bar is not meshed with the gear: straighten the tooth bar or clean and repair the gear, grooved wheel and other transmission parts of major hospitals, the development of grass-roots medical institutions is increasingly inseparable from the escort of digital technology

in Henan, a populous province, as of 2013, 18 provincial cities have completed the construction of regional health information platform data centers, and have achieved docking with 259 medical institutions in the province. However, the construction of grass-roots medical and health information is still relatively weak. To this end, the grassroots health institutions in Henan Province, together with Xinhua III, have fully adopted the mature solutions of Xinhua III cloud computing, SDN, cloud operation and maintenance, and built a three-level population health information platform in Henan Province Based on the 1+18 model, covering the major medical and health institutions in the province, realizing the interconnection and resource sharing within the region, so that all kinds of institutions can work together, be unified and efficient

the health cloud under unified management holds up the Chinese dream of health

under the new requirement of unified primary medical and health care mode, the information systems of primary medical institutions are often decentralized, and there are problems in management and operation and maintenance, such as repeated construction, high investment and low efficiency. As the first case in the country to realize the implementation of provincial and municipal cloud platforms, the Henan health cloud project, which Xinhua III participated in, has successfully produced and sold more than 1400 sets of energy-saving intelligent injection machines to solve these problems. In the future, a unified provincial cloud center will be built in the province according to the model of two places and three centers

innovative 1+18 mode

first of all, the management of data security is undoubtedly the top priority for the medical industry full of a large amount of personal information. Henan grassroots medical and health cloud project innovatively adopts the 1+18 mode, using the cloud center, backup cloud center and remote data backup center to operate at the same time, carrying a number of businesses and services. When any production center fails, it will not affect the operation of the business system, and effectively ensure data security

unified cloud center environment in the province

secondly, a large amount of information of grass-roots medical institutions is still in a decentralized sleep state. By building a unified cloud center environment across the province, Xinhua III has built a unified population health informatization standard management system and health informatization operation and maintenance management system in Henan Province, and unified the management of the medical information system. While breaking the information island, the server utilization rate is also 65.74% higher than the original way, and the efficiency of medical informatization is significantly improved

cloud management platform and it operation and maintenance monitoring platform

finally, in order to realize the long-term operation of the cloud center, Xinhua III has further established a cloud management platform and it operation and maintenance monitoring platform for customers to ensure the security and stability of the medical cloud service system. All grassroots medical institutions do not need to establish their own it resources, do not need professional technicians to maintain, and do not have to worry about data loss and security issues, which provides great convenience for the operation and maintenance of Henan health cloud platform

extensive coverage of fine management medical care benefits from the current tight social resources. The management information system created by Xinhua III for grass-roots medical and health institutions in Henan Province establishes dynamically updated electronic health records for urban and rural residents at the grass-roots level, avoiding repeated inspections by medical institutions at all levels and saving costs for patients. At the same time, it has realized the interconnection of information and data of grass-roots medical and health institutions in the region. For patients, the diagnosis and treatment process has therefore become continuous from fragmentation

divisional and hierarchical supervision of grass-roots businesses in the province

the unified management application system at the provincial and municipal levels based on the cloud model, Xinhua III has helped to realize the subregional and hierarchical supervision of grass-roots businesses in Henan Province, which can carry out independent analysis and early warning of various regulatory data, provide a scientific basis for hospital decisions, and greatly improve the quality and efficiency of grass-roots medical and health services in Henan Province

medical services for the benefit of the people

at the same time, this grass-roots medical and health cloud in Henan Province can also carry out services for the benefit of the people, provide residents' health records, build health service portals, and carry out telemedicine services, which really helps to realize the entry of minor diseases into communities and serious diseases into hospitals, effectively improve the use level of medical resources, and promote the development of smart medical undertakings in Henan Province

the Henan grassroots medical and health cloud established by Xinhua III on the basis of cloud computing technology has not only changed the construction mode of grassroots medical and health institutions, saved construction, management and operation and maintenance costs, but also promoted the transformation of grassroots medical and health institutions in Henan Province to a service-oriented medical and health system. In the future, Xinhua III will continue to explore in the digital transformation of the medical and health industry, meet the new era of smart medicine with users, share smart medicine, and benefit the people's livelihood

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