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Xinguolian Futures: rubber is facing strong technical support, and short-term short-term chasing should not be

affected by the rise of Japanese rubber, the main force of Shanghai rubber also bottomed out and rebounded in the day. The lowest level in the whole day was 21715. The performance and use of the last 14 kinds of engineering plastics and the modification of engineering plastics were 8. 1. The functionalization of operation steps began to shake higher, and the market closed at 22360, up 515 points. Positions increased slightly by 402 to 70268. As of the time of writing, rijiao closed at 304.9, up 4.4

in terms of fundamentals, domestic spot goods remained stable. The average price of SCR5 was 23731 and 580 tons, which remained high, which supported the price in recent months. However, the weak supply and demand led to the continued pressure on the current rubber price. The small adjustment of crude oil also stimulated the rubber price. In the later stage, we will pay attention to whether crude oil can stabilize

in terms of technology, the daily glue opened higher and went higher, but the 10 day moving average and half year moving average put pressure, and the moving average system went down. There was no breakthrough on the track of the recent decline channel, so there was a requirement to continue to go lower. The Shanghai Jiaotong rubber industry fell and rebounded in the 81st day, but the 10 day moving average put pressure on it, coupled with the downward moving average system, the decline channel of the whole body has not broken since 2019, and the weakness is still weak. However, the weekly line shows that the lower part of the market is facing the double support of kneeling down in the rising channel and 20500 in the golden section from August 2001 to mid-2006, so as to prevent bottoming out and rebound

operation suggestions: the supply increases, the demand weakens, and there is pressure on the rubber price in the short term, but the overall demand remains unchanged. The rubber price will be supported in the long term. Technically, the recent 20500 below will be a strong support, but it cannot be determined as a long opportunity. In the early stage, 811 short orders will continue to be held cautiously or profitably closed, and it is not recommended to continue to pursue short positions and short-term transactions in the near future

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