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Xinguolian Futures: waiting for inventory data, crude oil fluctuated slightly

overnight crude oil fluctuated slightly. Before the inventory data released by the American Energy Information Association (EIA) on Wednesday, the oil price stabilized from an earlier low

fundamentals, it is expected that inventories will continue to decrease, boosting oil prices. Reuters' survey results of 13 industry analysts showed that U.S. crude oil inventories are expected to decline for the fifth consecutive week last week, as the utilization rate of refinery capacity has improved while imports have shrunk, and all six are flat and high

in terms of technology, the crude oil is adjusted at a high level, continues to fluctuate, and the short-term upward momentum is weakened, but the MACD index is upward, and the moving average is divergent, and the rise in the middle line remains unchanged, which has the momentum to continue to rise. The rigidity of 809, the main force of Shanghai oil company, breaking through the finishing liquid, is rising in a relatively low range, and the daily average is divergent, and the technical indicators are rising. There are requirements that all machines cannot operate normally and continue to rise. However, at present, the price is on the brin online track, and there is pressure on the rise to prevent the risk of readjustment

operation suggestions: the rise in the middle line of crude oil remains unchanged, and there is a risk of correction in the short term. Shanghai oil will load safely and passively follow the trend of crude oil in the short term. In the early stage, many orders will be reduced to hold positions, breaking 4800 to stop profits, and breaking 5000 to stop profits and losses in the short term

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