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In depth cooperation ZTE and Hengdao pathology signed a strategic cooperation agreement

recently, ZTE and Hengdao medical pathology diagnosis center (hereinafter referred to as Hengdao pathology) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, officially launching the construction of China's first pathology diagnosis service network based on 5g technology. At the same time, with the technical support of Chinatelecom Yingtan branch and ZTE Jiangxi branch, a hospital in Jiangxi Province was connected on site to demonstrate the 5g based remote material acquisition guidance and the 5g+4k high-definition video based remote video consultation through the 5g network

zhuyongtao, senior vice president of ZTE, said that he was very excited to see 5g technology landing in the medical field and providing higher value services for the healthy life of the people. It is hoped that the two sides will deepen cooperation in the medical and health field around 5g+, jointly discuss applications in various industries, and set a benchmark for the cooperation between 5g and the medical industry

zhudawei, co-founder and chairman of Hengdao pathology, said that the pathological diagnosis service network based on 5g technology will ensure a high degree of real-time collaboration of remote pathological diagnosis in different places, meet the high-definition image requirements necessary for the development of pathology in the fields of diagnosis, teaching and data storage, and further improve the peripheral technical conditions of AI pathological auxiliary diagnosis. Relying on the 5g new platform, it can realize a package of application upgrading of rapid diagnosis, daily consultation, distance teaching and pathological AI, especially bring comprehensive service innovation to the time sensitive intraoperative rapid frozen diagnosis, and greatly improve the diagnostic and surgical efficiency of cooperative hospitals. This cooperation will continue to help Heng Dao pathology to promote the coverage of intensive, centralized, digital and intelligent pathological diagnosis capabilities across the country, so as to help the implementation of graded diagnosis and accurate diagnosis in the national medical reform

zuoyanfei, general manager of Hengdao pathology digital product department, introduced that the size of a digital pathological slice is generally 2g-3g, while the infrastructure of grass-roots hospitals is weak, and the network bandwidth is only a few megabytes. Uploading a few slices will take a day. The 5g technology pathological diagnosis service network jointly built by the two sides will end this dilemma. Corresponding to different business modules of Hengdao pathology, the application of this network technology is more effective. The new technical service network will be applied to remote diagnosis, teaching, digitalization and AI intelligent pathology solutions respectively

liuhuibin, director of Baoshan Urban Industrial Park Management Committee, mentioned in his speech at the signing ceremony that Baoshan Urban Industrial Park currently has more than 30 future life and health enterprises, including Hengdao pathology. In the future, it will further integrate and absorb innovative resources, form scale and agglomeration effects, establish cooperative links with colleges and universities, medical institutions and service institutions, and create a brand of life and health industry. 5g technology is needed by the medical field, which will lead to the integration of industry resources and the reshuffle of the existing order. ZTE and Hengdao pathology are expected to jointly build a pathological diagnosis service network that has reached the leading level in terms of coverage and technology based on a number of leading technologies

this signing aims to further improve the speed of data transmission in digital remote pathological diagnosis services, help professionals achieve different product performance and quality, and solve the problem of clarity and timeliness of image transmission from the technical root. It is the application of 5g technology in the field of pathological diagnosis services

in the future, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages in the professional field, jointly build a scheme library, jointly explore the market of the medical industry, create a 5g+ medical industry application demonstration, and boost the digital and intelligent transformation of the diagnostic ability of the pathology industry

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