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India's mrpl issued a 10000 ton mixed xylene sales bidding

a bidding document on Tuesday showed that India's Mangalore refining and chemical company (mrpl) issued a 10000 ton mixed xylene sales bidding, the buyer's purchase volume can fluctuate by 5%, and the shipping date is December

the document shows that the goods will be loaded at the new Mangalore port on the west coast of India. The biggest advantage of the payer's electronic data testing machine is that it is large. However, we should also look at the fact that the parameters of the testing machine have greatly improved the measurement accuracy. The formula is l/c (letter of credit)

according to the document, the deadline for this bidding is November 22, and the bids before 18:30 (i.e. GMT 13:00) in the electrolyte field on November 2, Indian standard time are valid

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