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Index brings innovative products to simm2015

based on quality, driven by technology and seeking development through innovation, index, a century old German enterprise, aims to provide each customer with the best solutions in research and development. From March 30 to April 2, 2015, index exhibited one of its most classic products, MS16 lathe, and the latest concept of high-performance tnc65 CNC turning and milling center with German FESTO truss manipulator at SIMM 2015 Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition

Mr. Rainer kehder, general manager of Index Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Danijel pankovic, general manager of Dalian index Machine Tool Co., Ltd., also appeared at the exhibition site together to introduce the exhibits in detail to the on-site guests. At the same time, they introduced index's investment and innovation in technology, as well as the great efforts and achievements made by the company in localization innovation

it is understood that the German index group, with a history of 100 years, has always maintained a leading position in the world in the field of CNC lathe manufacturing. Mr. kehder introduced to us that in order to ensure that the products of index are always ahead of the industry level, we always follow the development of the industry and constantly carry out product R & D and innovation according to the market demand. It can be said that whatever expertise you need, index can provide it for you

high quality products from Germany

it is reported that only two machine tools were exhibited at the simm2015 Machinery Exhibition. Among them, the MS16 lathe is 100% made in Germany, which is one of the most favored products by Chinese users, while the tnc65 CNC turning and milling center was assembled in China by the Dalian factory of index with imported components. All our products come from one source. More than 90% of the machine parts produced by index are developed and produced by index itself. Strict supply chain control minimizes product failures, thus ensuring the high quality of products. Mr. kehder introduced

ms16 multi axis CNC machine tool is one of the classic products of index. This lathe is a new type of CNC multi axis automatic lathe launched to meet the needs of the Chinese market for high-precision flexible machining. It is characterized by simple assembly, small land occupation, flexibility, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The advanced automatic feeding system of MS16 machine tool can produce more than one million small-size workpieces or 100000 large-size workpieces in batch. The shortest processing beat can greatly reduce the production cost. It can be widely used in various fields such as auto parts, hydraulic pressure, aerospace and so on. It is believed that MS16 multi axis CNC machine tool will gradually replace the high-speed cam controlled multi axis lathe which is widely used but expensive to build in the future. Mr. kehder said

localization innovation

the brand-new tnc65 CNC turning and milling center is another innovative product launched by index in recent years. It adopts FESTO truss manipulator, through two c-axes, one Y-axis and the power tools on the double turret, it is perfect that the main power for paper enterprises to raise prices is to complete all the processing of workpieces at one time. This product is completely assembled and produced by Dalian index Machine Tool Co., Ltd. It not only has the high precision and high rigidity of German quality, but also has good localization characteristics due to its assembly and production in China. Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. can introduce you the technical knowledge you don't know to meet various production needs from Chinese manufacturing enterprises

Dalian index Machine Tool Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a joint venture controlled by the German side, aiming to provide Chinese users with more localized index products. Mr. pankovic said that it is worth mentioning that last year we moved 200 times higher fracture strength than the best steel into a new factory of nearly 10000 square meters, which can provide Chinese users with production and equipment solutions for higher performance and more precision machine tools. It is understood that the tna300, tna400 and tna65 series products produced by Dalian index are mature products made by index in China. The market response is very good and they are generally welcomed by users at home and abroad

kehder said to: we are always pursuing the most advanced technology, the highest quality and the most perfect service. Index guarantees that the products and services provided to users will always be first-class

about index

index and Traub are two powerful brands

the index group, founded in 1914, now, together with its subsidiary Traub, is in a leading position in the world's CNC lathe manufacturing industry. The group company located in eslingen carries out global sales and services through 6 production bases, 5 international sales and service companies and 80 sales agents, and continuously provides users around the world with German made products and perfect solutions

Index Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is its sales and service subsidiary in Asia. It provides services for imported machine tools from index and Traub. It has sales offices in important provinces and cities in China, and sales offices, Waigaoqiao spare parts warehouse and exhibition hall in Shanghai. Provide 24-hour technical support, 48 hour on-site service by technical service personnel, and regular training programs. Index is always one step ahead with Chinese customers

Dalian index Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. The company mainly assembles imported parts. German technicians of index are responsible for production, technology and quality management at the assembly site. At present, the tna300, tna400 and tnc65 series products produced by Dalian index Machine Tool Co., Ltd. are mature products of index

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