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In the east of Liaodong Peninsula, on the West Bank of Yalu River Estuary, lies Dandong port, the international port with the northernmost coastline of China. It bears the northeast, faces the Yellow Sea in the south, faces North Korea across the river in the East, has more than 30 productive berths, and has an annual comprehensive handling capacity of 200million tons, It has opened bulk cargo, container and passenger routes with more than 90 ports, and is a veritable sea passage in the eastern part of Northeast China

elite equipment

is subordinate to the center of the Northeast Asian economic circle. As the northernmost ice free port on the mainland, Dandong port has an average daily operation volume of 50000 to 70000 tons, equivalent to loading 40 60 ton freight trains per hour. 90% of this huge amount of work was undertaken by Dandong, which not only completely changed the situation that the lead bismuth smelting production organization passively added styrene block copolymer (SBC) in the past, but also by Volvo wheel loaders and excavators, the main equipment of Port Co., Ltd

Volvo l180 loader and L180E loader are mainly responsible for the operation in the cabin to shovel and transport materials, while ec290blc excavator and ec360blc excavator are mainly responsible for the material loading of freight trains and the material leveling in the carriage

these "Hercules" have "strong bodies" and "flexible steps", which can quickly complete tasks in a short time. At the same time, they "don't eat much", which is more fuel-efficient than similar equipment. The equipment is also equipped with Volvo caring cab, wide glass window, comfortable movable seat, shock absorber, electronic air conditioning system and even wiper with larger coverage... The equipment shows the care for the operator in every upward movement detail of the open workbench

"as a famous international brand, Volvo Construction equipment is deeply recognized by customers. Operators are very excited and proud when they hear that they can operate Volvo equipment." Lu Dazhong, project service director of Volvo Construction equipment dealer Liaoning Zhong'an Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "Volvo equipment is very suitable for the operation needs of Dandong port in terms of equipment reliability, operation comfort and fuel efficiency."

dedicated service

the particularity of port operation determines that all these Volvo "iron men" need 24-hour non-stop operation; In case of work stoppage, it means that a large number of goods are stopped in place, seriously affecting the company's benefits; In order to achieve 24-hour operation without errors, we need to carry out detailed daily maintenance and inspection on it

in order to meet this demand, Liaoning Zhong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. conducted "resident service" in Dandong port. Shu rihu, director of the Institute of international studies of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, told people that the service engineer stationed in the port carried out 7x24 hours of uninterrupted equipment maintenance service. Every day, the staff carried out "physical examination" on the equipment twice, which basically effectively prevented all hidden dangers of equipment operation, which also successfully extended the operation time and service life of the equipment. In Dandong port, some of the equipment have been used continuously for more than 10 years, and the longest one has even been used for more than 20 years, but they still maintain excellent working conditions

in depth care

in addition to the daily warranty and maintenance of equipment, Volvo Construction equipment also realizes greater equipment value for customers through a variety of caring service activities

2014, Volvo Construction equipment and Liaoning Zhong'an held the "green and fuel-efficient key customer care activity" in Dandong port, and conducted Volvo green operator training for front-line operators in the port. "The key customer care activity has taught customers more safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operating skills, and enabled customers to have an in-depth understanding of the excellent performance of Volvo equipment, so as to obtain better benefits. At the same time, the activity has also made the relationship between customers and Volvo Construction equipment, dealers closer, and mutual trust and understanding deeper." Liuxitao, project director of Liaoning Zhong'an Machinery Co., Ltd., said

with the full support of Volvo Construction equipment, Dandong port is developing from a single port storage, loading and unloading and transportation to a comprehensive international port, becoming the backbone of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China. With the east wind of the "the Belt and Road", I believe that the sonorous voice of Dandong port will continue to resound throughout Northeast Asia. (this article is from Volvo)

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