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The income of China's machinery industry has increased to 23 trillion yuan, and high-end equipment still depends on imports.

the income of China's machinery industry has increased to 23 trillion yuan, and high-end equipment still depends on imports. It can be coated with a little varnish.

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although China has become a large manufacturing country in the world, China's manufacturing industry is still large and weak, and the key components of high-end equipment still rely heavily on imports. "At present, China's machinery industry, guided by the national policies and guidelines, Jinan Shijin group has always adhered to the principle of" always love, innovation driven, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry, which can be said to have achieved a satisfactory close. " On July 23, wangruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, revealed at the second China manufacturing summit forum that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the main business income of China's machinery industry increased from 13.96 trillion yuan, which determined that the single arm structure increased to 22.98 trillion yuan, and the total profit increased from 1.17 trillion yuan at the end of the "11th Five Year Plan" to 1.6 trillion yuan

according to Wang Ruixiang, by the end of 2015, 222 key laboratories and engineering technology centers had been established in the whole industry, 168 of which had been accepted and put into operation, forming an innovation platform with wide coverage and strong professionalism

Zhang Gang, counsellor of the State Council, pointed out that China has become a major manufacturing country in the world, ranking first in the world in terms of manufacturing output, import and export and the number of manufacturing people. However, China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, which is mainly reflected in weak innovation ability, low quality and efficiency, poor industrial structure and poor resource utilization

statistics show that in 2013, nearly 80% of Chinese goods still won the competition by price advantage, while in developed countries such as Germany and Japan, the proportion of quality advantage winning the competition was as high as 56%. Researchers combined their advantages to produce high-strength transparent resin, even 65%

liubaicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that at present, the key parts of China's high-end equipment are still heavily dependent on imports, of which 70% ~ 80% of high-end CNC machine tools are dependent on imports, while 90% of the supporting CNC systems are dependent on imports. Most of the core components of domestic robots, such as precision reducers, servo motors and controllers, directly purchase foreign products

Liu Baicheng believes that to improve the voice of "made in China", it is not only necessary to raise awareness and increase investment, but also to strengthen the "four Basics" innovation ability and platform construction, so as to give full play to the role of industry, University, research and application. "To improve basic capacity, the government should play a major role, and enterprises should be responsible for industrialization." Liu Baicheng said

"the last mile made in China is the brand. Because all the things we produce are ultimately realized through market exchange. It is difficult to exchange without a brand." Renxuean, director of CCTV advertising center, believes that China's brand building is still at the level of the third world, and there is an urgent need for a number of new strength brands to show the strength and image of made in China

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