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In depth analysis: whether enterprise training can leverage the transformation and upgrading of made in China

in depth analysis: whether enterprise training can leverage the transformation and upgrading of made in China

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Guide: made in China needs to transform and upgrade to Chinese creation, which is a century issue in front of Chinese people. However, how to transform and upgrade made in China? Different industries have different paths. But there is one thing in common: the growth of industrial workers and the growth of skilled talents. How does this group grow? At all

made in China needs to transform and upgrade to created in China, which is a century task facing the Chinese people. However, how to transform and upgrade made in China? Different industries have different paths. But there is one thing in common: the growth of industrial workers and the growth of skilled talents. How does this group grow? The fundamental way is training

at present, many enterprises have taken action to explore a variety of enterprise training methods, such as order training, modern apprenticeship system, etc. However, more and more enterprises are facing difficulties and helplessness in employee training. For example, under the pressure of enterprise transformation and frequent employee turnover, there is no way out without training employees and training employees to pave the way for others. This topic focuses on the training of employees, facing the difficulties, analyzing the causes and solving methods. After all, training is the fulcrum to leverage the transformation and upgrading of made in China. Only by strengthening the training of employees can enterprises carry the transformation and upgrading of made in China. I hope the above introduction can help you! In case of doubt, it is important

for a better tomorrow made in China

in October, 2011, in the world skills competition known as the "skills Olympics" held in London, South Korea won the first place in the medal list with 13 gold, 5 silver and 7 copper, while Japan won the second place with 11 gold, 4 Silver and 4 copper. For the first time, China organized a group to participate in the competition and won a silver medal and five winning awards. The comparison of the achievements reflects the current situation of China's industrial workers who are "less skilled than people"

China is known as the "world factory", with the output of more than 200 kinds of industrial products ranking first in the world. It is a real manufacturing country, but not strong. In the world manufacturing industry chain, China is far from getting rid of the embarrassing position of low-end

in recent years, with the change of international economic situation and the rise of domestic factor prices, many manufacturing enterprises in China are facing great pressure of "failure to enter or die". How to realize the relevant functions of electronic universal testing machine? It is clear from the industry, scholars and the government that it is to move towards the high-end of the manufacturing industry chain through transformation and upgrading

no doubt, this process needs technological breakthroughs, equipment updates and financial support. In addition, it also needs the growth of a group of skilled workers. The experience of advanced manufacturing countries has shown that without first-class technicians, there can be no first-class products. No matter how perfect the concept and advanced the design are, there are no highly skilled talents to realize them, and they can only stay on the drawings

data show that at present, skilled workers account for less than 13% of the employees in China, and highly skilled talents only account for 5% of the skilled workers. The problem of high skilled talents being too old and out of stock is also prominent, especially the shortage of young high skilled talents. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the phenomenon of "shortage of skilled workers" and "looting of talents" has intensified in recent years

if we can still introduce high-end talents, we have no other choice but to rely on ourselves and cultivate our own professional and skilled talents needed by all walks of life

2010, China promulgated and implemented the outline of the national medium and long term talent development plan (year), which clearly defined the strategy of accelerating the construction and development of highly skilled talent teams. In 2011, relevant ministries and commissions jointly issued the implementation plan of the national plan for the revitalization of highly skilled talents, making more specific arrangements for the training of skilled talents

the government's attention and support are undoubtedly necessary. In addition to supporting vocational and technical schools that stimulate overseas demand recovery and encouraging enterprise training, what is more important is that the government needs to provide a fair and suitable environment for the development of migrant workers in China, so that they can devote more energy to skill upgrading

of course, in the final analysis, enterprises are the first subject of skilled personnel training and the base for skilled personnel growth. Some prescient enterprises have realized that workers can not only rely on recruitment, and talents can not only rely on competition. Only by building their own employee training system and planning their own talent growth path can they win the first opportunity in transformation and upgrading

there are also some business owners who believe that employees are highly mobile now. Enterprises spend time and money on training them. When their wings are hardened, they change jobs. This is equivalent to increasing the cost of the enterprise without getting a return. Therefore, some people exclaimed that "training is seeking death"

in fact, the root cause of failing to retain employees is not that training makes employees "look forward to the future", but that employees can not see the prospects of the enterprise, their own future and their own ownership. If entrepreneurs are wise and confident, they will not fail to retain talents. The principle of keeping people's attention is both simple and profound

at present, the first generation of migrant workers are fading out from the front line of industry, and the new generation of migrant workers are gradually becoming the main production body made in China. They enter cities and factories with dreams different from those of their parents. They not only want to meet basic living needs, but also hope to have space and opportunities for development. Such dreams and hopes have driven them to keep trying and moving, which may bring problems such as "short-term work" for a period of time. But in the long run, it is this trait that gives them the potential power to improve their skills

for enterprises that really want to make a difference, please be kind to employees, take care of talents, rely on training to improve them, and give the platform to let them grow. Only in this way can the enterprise have the hope of development and the made in China have a bright future

recently, the magazine conducted interviews with enterprises in many provinces and learned that although entrepreneurs and employees have different attitudes towards employee training, there is no doubt that more and more enterprises have taken action and more enterprises and employees have benefited from training

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