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Keep moving forward, constantly learn from experience, and constantly create better products. Oupai wooden door will create a first-class brand in China for you, and create better wooden doors in the continuous progress, only to be the first wooden door in China

a big brand is to have extraordinary quality, create an extraordinary life for you, and bring you a different choice of life. Europa wooden door will create the best wooden door in China for you and bring more artistic enjoyment to your life

from a small factory to the current world-class, industry leading modern factory, from only a few difficult entrepreneurs to more than a thousand employees, from a franchised store to franchised stores all over the country, from the Chinese market to the international market, from an unknown small factory to the industry leader, oupai wooden door has gone through many ups and downs. In the process of development, oupai wooden door has always adhered to quality, technology and service, combined research and development with manufacturing and production, improved and standardized product technology, and finally became an expert in wooden door manufacturing

the brand is large and has its own door industry park

there are countless wooden door production enterprises, but in China, many wooden door production are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, there is no well-known national brand, and the industry is still in the stage of development and standardization. These small manufacturers can not get financial support in plant and equipment, and there are some "big enterprises" with labels. Although their brands are large, they do not have their own plant and equipment, and still rely on small factories for production

unlike these small workshop enterprises, europaimen has its own door industry park. Entering oupai door industry park is like entering a "theme park". The large-scale European style office building, hundreds of acres of garden style plants, and the world-class R & D center all highlight the strength of oupai door industry. The appearance of the factory is impressive, but Europa is by no means "illusory". Entering the factory, there are advanced manufacturing equipment imported from abroad, domestic top-level production lines and production processes, and the first to introduce automatic spray painting lines in the industry. It is worthy of being the largest professional wooden door manufacturer in China

sophisticated technology, the introduction of many foreign advanced equipment

before, who would have thought how great changes high technology has brought to people's lives. In today's society, high-tech elements are everywhere. TV is getting thinner and thinner, everyone has a smart phone, and almost every family has a tablet computer. In the past, such a life could be regarded as a high-tech for the rich. Now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it. This is the increasingly standardized accessories and products, and the automation of the process, which leads to the gradual reduction of production costs, so that the general public can also enjoy the fruits of high technology

oupai door industry has always been determined to "build a world-class door making enterprise and strive for the first brand of wooden doors in China". At present, it has two self owned manufacturing bases, and hundreds of acres of workshops are equipped with many advanced machinery and equipment imported from abroad, as well as the full line introduction of German Haomai fully automated production line, which saves a lot of labor costs and improves product production efficiency. The R & D team is also rated as the first-class in China. In terms of hardware, it has the "wooden door R & D center" and "industry university research base" established in cooperation with Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University, and has established the first "wooden door Museum" in China. It also has advanced laboratories and experimental equipment. In terms of software, it not only introduces deeply funded professionals in the industry, but also includes high-quality students with excellent character and learning on campus, supplementing backward talents and injecting fresh blood. Combining R & D with manufacturing and production, improving and standardizing the product process, and then standardizing the whole production process, europay wooden door promotes the industrial revolution of wooden door

good service, good quality, considerate and meticulous service

first class equipment is the minimum basis for the production of high-quality products. All products of europay door adopt world-class production equipment, which not only changes the traditional process of manual painting in the past, eliminates the instability of manual painting, and ensures the precise quality of products. Large scale industrial standard production, keep improving and control the product error at about 0.1mm. Under such a high standard and high configuration production mode, it not only ensures the excellent and stable product quality, but also eliminates the trouble of after-sales maintenance for consumers, making the price of products more affordable

consumers buy a set of wooden doors, of course, in the hope that they can choose the best quality products for themselves at one time, rather than requiring manufacturers to come here every so often for free maintenance. Therefore, the best service is not only a considerate and meticulous service attitude, but also high-quality and stable products. For manufacturers, they should not only ensure the service quality, but also improve their own product quality assurance, so as to win their own reputation and finally win the market

On August 28, the second Summer Youth Olympic Games officially closed in Nanjing. With the theme of "sharing youth and building the future together", the Youth Olympic Games has attracted extensive attention from domestic and foreign media. Oupai wooden door, a global wooden door manufacturing expert, is more fortunate to become a supplier in the field of wooden doors for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The world's top events such as the Olympic Games, the WorldExpo and the Youth Olympic Games have always been very strict with suppliers. Every supplier enterprise and every product represents the highest level of made in China. In other words, only the best and top products can be selected for the Youth Olympic Games. This is enough to prove the excellence and status of European style wooden doors in the field of Chinese wooden doors

create a wooden door belonging to Europe and create a choice for your exquisite life for you. This is the bright future of Europe. The beautiful home of your life lies in Europe





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