How to hang murals for decoration

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Basically, all families will use decorative paintings in the later stage of soft decoration. It is simple but the decorative effect is not bad, and the content of the paintings can be selected according to their personal preferences and aesthetic needs. Decorative paintings are usually hung on the wall, so how to hang decorative paintings? Now let's introduce how to hang decorative paintings at home. Come and learn quickly

oil painting

1. Hanging skills

oil painting has certain limitations in display compared with other paintings. First, it is easy to reflect light. In addition, oil paintings that emphasize the texture of the picture with thick coating method are easy to accumulate dust due to fluctuations. In order to achieve better visual effect and protect the picture, there should be a forward and downward inclination when hanging. When the oil painting is facing the front light, the effect is often poor. The side front and upper light should be used, and the light source at the hanging position should be consistent with the light source when painting as far as possible. If the light source when painting is on the left, it should also be consistent with this light source when hanging

2. Framing method

outer frame: compared with oil painting, the proper use of outer frame can make the finishing point. It integrates a series of common sense, such as personality, humanities, tradition, decoration, and so on. If a good one. Oil painting without proper frame will produce disharmonious visual effects

inner frame: it can support the canvas. If the size of the oil painting is not large, you can also directly use wood to support the canvas. The moisture content of the wood used as the inner frame is better below 12 degrees, which is not easy to deform and can better maintain the flat display effect of the oil painting

the effect of decorative paintings is better. The purchased decorative paintings also need to pay attention to the size, quantity, installation space background and home style, and keep harmony with other indoor things, so as to give full play to the decorative effect

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