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Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, with more than 4800 employees. The plant covers an area of 200000 square meters, the plant covers more than 60000 square meters, and the fixed assets are nearly 300 million yuan. The price of battery grade lithium carbonate has increased by 7% since this year, and there are more than 1300 sets of advanced equipment at home and abroad, With an annual production capacity of more than 40000 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting products and an annual machining capacity of more than 20 million various types of engine aluminum alloy parts, it is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, development, aluminum alloy die-casting, machining, surface treatment, mold design and manufacturing

the company mainly produces more than 300 kinds of aluminum alloy die-casting products on engines such as automobiles, motorcycles, general gasoline engines and high-speed boats. In addition to being installed by domestic large and medium-sized main engine plants, a considerable number of products are exported to all over the world. In 2004, the annual sales revenue of the company reached 1.2 billion yuan

"compared with Yujiang die casting in the early stage of development, the scale of the company has increased hundreds of times." Gongjianyi, chief financial officer of Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yujiang die casting"), recalled with great emotion. He said that when the company was just established, there were only a dozen people in total, and most of its products depended on manual completion. Now, with more than 4800 employees, it has developed into the largest aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturer in China. 40% of the aluminum alloy die-casting products used by domestic well-known motorcycle factories include strength, plasticity, elasticity, brittleness, fracture toughness, hardness, etc. from Yujiang die-casting

erp motivation

because Yujiang die casting is engaged in the production mode of multiple varieties and large quantities, with tens of thousands of kinds of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and the daily import and export of materials, the coordination of production and the summary of financial data are a huge workload. At the same time, there are many warehouses (more than 30 in plant and external warehouses), many warehouse managers (about 100), and their quality is uneven. In addition, the randomness of material requisition also leads to the overstock of inventory materials and the high inventory funds. It is difficult to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data only through strict systems and a lot of manual labor, supplemented by some simple computerized management means. Logistics problems have increasingly become the bottleneck restricting the development of the company, and informatization has reached the point where we have to do

at the end of 2004, Yujiang die casting began to consider the implementation of ERP, and spent half a year analyzing, sorting out and re planning the internal organizational structure of the company. In the process of model selection, many software companies came to the door and actively promoted their ERP products. The top management of the company did not rush to seek medical treatment, but found Digital China Management System Co., Ltd. through understanding the situation from various parties and according to the industry category and characteristics of their company. Through several communications with the relevant person in charge of Digital China Southwest, after a detailed analysis of the company's current situation and the general idea of ERP project implementation, the two sides successfully signed the contract

when it comes to the reason why Yujiang die casting chose Digital China ERP, Gong Jianyi put forward the following reasons: first, the pragmatic and professional attitude of the staff of Digital China left a very deep impression on Yujiang die casting. In the communication with customers, the sales consultants valued doing business in the real place, rather than simply doing business. Digital China only talks about what goals it can help enterprises achieve and what value it can create, but it never attacks competitors; Second, digital China has a sincere attitude towards customers, has excellent market ideas, and is worthy of trust; In addition, the most important reason is that digital China's ERP products are more focused on the manufacturing industry, have a more in-depth understanding and grasp of the special processes of logistics and other manufacturing industries, and the products are more close to the actual needs of customers

digital breaking

at the beginning of the project implementation, the company established the Yujiang ERP project leading Committee. The project implementation team, project implementation supervision team and project advisory team under the project leading Committee. The project implementation team is headed by the chief financial officer gongjianyi, who is responsible for guiding, arranging, coordinating and promoting the implementation and operation of the whole project. The project supervision team is responsible for the supervision and inspection of the whole project. The Advisory Group is mainly composed of the implementation consultants of Digital China

in July, 2005, digital China consultants carried out a detailed investigation on the business of Chongqing Yujiang die casting. Based on the investigation questionnaire issued to each business department in advance, they communicated in detail with specific business personnel, visited the warehouse and production site in detail, and made a detailed analysis according to the actual situation obtained from the investigation and the industry characteristics of the industry, Customized ERP implementation plan for Yujiang die casting

in the follow-up subsystem training and process discussion, digital China consultants took the actual business process of Yujiang die casting as an example to demonstrate the function in the Yifei system, so that the company's personnel can fully connect the system function with the actual business and experience the practical application effect of the system function. At the same time, the consultants also described the solutions of ERP system in detail in view of the disadvantages in the current actual business process, and put forward suggestions on the optimized process. The ERP project team actively discussed the current process and existing problems. For the new process and key process discussed, the consultant demonstrated and tested the effect in the system, and finally reached a consensus, forming an effective and executable business process under the ERP system

since January 1st, 2006, the ERP system has been officially put into operation in Yujiang die casting. After two months of trial operation, the system has basically run smoothly. After the formal operation, the members of the Yujiang die casting project team constantly summarized and deeply optimized the ERP system, continuously improved the management level of the company, and played a decisive role in the sustainable development of the company

in the first phase of the implementation of Yujiang die casting ERP project, 11 modules of logistics, including procurement, sales, warehousing, work order outsourcing, BOM structure, a/R and a/P, salary management, process management, cost accounting, have been successfully launched. The successful operation of ERP project has created a series of values for Yujiang die casting. It is mainly reflected in:

when the company's senior management assigned tasks and objectives, the original supervision and assessment mechanism was not rigorous and sound, and the implementation was often poor. After ERP, the planning of production has been significantly enhanced, and the inventory has also been greatly reduced

in the past, employees picked up items from the warehouse at will, and the inventory quantity was often difficult to control. After realizing standardized management, the process has been optimized, and the inventory has been reduced by nearly 30% compared with the previous. This obvious effect is only the direct result of the system operation without the deliberate control of the company leaders

strong organization

Gong Jianyi believes that a strong organizational guarantee is the decisive factor for the smooth implementation of the project. At the beginning of the implementation of the project, the company established the Yujiang ERP project leading Committee, headed by general manager Zhou daolun, who is responsible for the leadership decision-making of the whole project, formulating the work direction, arranging project resources, approving the project plan and accepting the work results. In this process, the concept of "informatization is a leading project" is highlighted. Gongjianyi said that without the leadership and decision-making of Zhou daolun, the general manager of Yujiang die casting, the informatization of Yujiang die casting would certainly not be today

during the implementation of the project, digital China's full cooperation from leaders to consultants has also provided a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project. Zhangzhenqing, the former general manager of Digital China Southwest, attached great importance to the project, personally participated in the preliminary investigation of the project, went online and stationed in the factory, fully met the needs of resources in the process of project implementation (such as sending additional consultants at key points, giving priority to secondary development cases, etc.), and had many good communications with the senior management of Yujiang company during the project implementation, which played an important role in the smooth implementation of the project

the implementation of Yujiang die casting ERP project involves a wide range of personnel, including more than 180 relevant personnel from 18 departments, and the majority of old employees. The habit of manual operation formed for a long time is difficult to change at a time, especially in computer operation. The project implementation is impossible without clearing the experimental site, which makes Yujiang die casting ERP project encounter great resistance at the beginning. Nevertheless, the project promoters of Yujiang die casting insisted on withstanding the pressure from all aspects. From the company leaders to ordinary employees, they did their best to work overtime all night and worked hard day and night with the project consultants of Digital China until the project was launched. What digital China ERP system brings to Yujiang die casting is a smooth process and more efficient management. Now, everyone can't forget that hard time in their mind. Whenever they think of it, their hearts are filled with the joy and sweetness of a bumper harvest. (end)

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