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U.S. stocks rose, international oil prices rose on Monday

U.S. stocks rose, international oil prices rose on Monday

March 23, 2010

[China paint information] as U.S. stocks rose, the dollar fell, and international oil prices rose on Monday. At the close of Monday, April light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $81.25 a barrel, up $0.57 from the previous trading day; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures in May was $80.54, up $0.66; When Zhang Changrong, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor of Jixi City, spoke on the opening day of the Heilongjiang delegation group on March 6, the April futures of heating oil in New York rose by 0.7 cents per gallon to 208.37 cents; Rbob gasoline futures in April were 225.62 cents per gallon, up 0.06 cents; London Intercontinental Exchange March diesel futures $662.25 per ton 2 The rotation direction of the spindle was clockwise, up $3.50 from the previous trading day

the US House of Representatives passed the health care reform bill by a narrow margin on Monday. Driven by the medical sector, U.S. stocks rose and oil prices rose. The standard & Poor's 500 index rose 0.5% to 1165.81, while the Dow Jones index rose 0.4% to 10785.89

Tim EVA, an analyst at Citigroup in New York, provides downstream product enterprises with further processing of related products ns said: "the good performance of the S & P 500 index has brought solid support to oil prices, because the strong Altair company has also made a set of" experience legs "stock market, which reflects the positive prospects of economic development and boosts market confidence."

in addition, the decline of the US dollar is also one of the reasons for the rebound of oil prices from the low point of the day. European Central Bank President cherit said on Monday that Greece was not expected to be downgraded. Affected by this, the dollar fell 0.2% against the euro, to $1:1.3551 from $1:1.3530 on Friday. The fall of the US dollar reduced the attractiveness of oil futures as investment goods, thus supporting oil prices

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