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Emirates Telecom took the lead in deploying Ericsson wireless point system in Egypt

Emirates Telecom became the first telecom operator to deploy Ericsson's innovative wireless point system in Egypt

Ericsson wireless point system aims at rapid indoor deployment and efficient integration with macro network

supports high-end key services such as LTE voice, HD voice and mobile broadband, Provide excellent user experience

Ericsson and Emirates Telecom recently worked together to deploy Ericsson's innovative wireless point system. This is the first deployment of this innovative solution in Egypt to meet the rapid growth of data traffic in Egypt

Ericsson wireless point system is a high-quality and low-cost solution to the challenge of indoor coverage. It aims to support operators and provide training in our training center or your supervisor, constantly providing users with excellent voice and data experience, covering a wide range of enterprise buildings and public places

the network of Emirates Telecom is fully integrated with this solution, which will provide the widest indoor seamless coverage and consistent excellent voice and data service experience for users and enterprise customers of Emirates Telecom

ctokhalid Murshed of Emirates Telecom said: with the help of Ericsson's wireless point system, we can provide users with a better user experience. We always put the needs of users in the first place, and the system will ensure that users enjoy the best indoor mobile connection

ISIL ozturk yalcin, head of Ericsson's northeast Africa customer department, said: our wireless point system meets the requirements of Emirates Telecom's high-performance standards. We believe that for operators, first-class technology is the key to provide users with excellent experience and stand out in the competitive market. We are very proud to use this solution, so we need to get the text content in the page and continue to help the Egyptian people move towards a network society

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