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The United States will summarize the relevant surveys on Japan's shale gas exports. "Every face has its own emotions and story findings

according to Japan's Kyodo news agency, Japan and the United States 2. Speed double closed-loop control government held the" Japan us clean energy policy dialogue "in Hiromatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture on the 4th. With regard to the export of shale gas to Japan, the United States said that it would summarize the investigation results of the impact of exports on the U.S. economy during the year, and then make judgments on individual cases

the two countries agreed to work together to popularize renewable energy in Northeast Japan and expand talent exchanges for this purpose

after the shutdown of some nuclear power stations in Japan, the import of liquefied natural gas, the fuel required for thermal power stations, surged. At the meeting on the same day, Japan once again asked the United States to approve shale gas exports to Japan as soon as possible

the policy dialogue between the two countries began in 2011, and this is the fourth time. The Japanese side was represented by the Ministry of economy and industry, while the US side was represented by the head of the Ministry of energy. When the heads of state of Japan and the United States held talks in April this year, they agreed to cooperate in the development of clean energy in Northeast Japan

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