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Great potential market of food packaging and machinery in the United Arab Emirates

in the international market, the competition of packaging machinery such as food processing machinery is still fierce, and the main aspects of competition are product quality, price and after-sales service. During the exhibition for more than half a year, I learned that German packaging machinery is recognized by insiders as having good quality and strong market wait-and-see mood, so it also has a large market share, about 25%. But its high price is also well known. The average price level is% higher than that of similar equipment in the United States and more than that of Chinese products. Take the automatic flour filling machine as an example, the price in Germany is 750000 US dollars, while the external quotation of Chinese products is only 176000 US dollars. The reason why German machinery can have such a large sales volume at such a high price is that the product quality is really good, and the other reason is to lure consumers with other preferential conditions, such as a warranty period of 10 years, itinerant after-sales service, etc. Packaging equipment manufacturers in the United States and Japan mainly produce small and medium-sized production line equipment with moderate prices. A kind of flexible packaging equipment recently developed in Japan has a high degree of automation and simple operation. It can change the size and output requirements of the packaging only by replacing some parts, which is very attractive to customers in the UAE market. However, most of the packaging machinery produced in Japan is considered to be of average quality, but the price is not cheap

on the whole, the technical level of China's packaging machinery is not very advanced, and the specifications and models of products are not complete, but on the whole, the low price is unmatchable by other countries. The selling price of Chinese products is not only much lower than that of Germany and Italy, but also lower than that of Japan and Taiwan. Therefore, Chinese products, especially small and medium-sized packaging machinery and food processing materials, will benefit the Indian aviation manufacturing industry. Industrial machinery is more suitable for Afghanistan. When it is used, it must operate the market demand of the United Arab Emirates and even the whole Middle East region according to the procedures specified in the instructions. The first reason is that the UAE's packaging machinery manufacturing industry has not really started, while the market demand for packaging machinery is increasing day by day. Second, the UAE has a weak industrial foundation, and its citizens have the concept of emphasizing commerce and light industry, so that many opportunities in the industrial field are given to foreigners. In the United Arab Emirates, most foreigners are Indians and Pakistanis. Due to their weak social foundation and limited capital, they are mostly engaged in small-scale workshop production. The above situation provides a rare opportunity and a huge potential market for Chinese packaging and food processing machinery to enter the UAE market for product sales and manufacturing

the UAE has not yet formed a machinery production system. Many kinds of machinery are imported, and even many spare parts cannot be processed. It can be seen that this market is in great need of all kinds of imported products

generally speaking, the UAE market needs packaging machinery and food processing machinery for the following products: high barrel coke cups used in McDonald's stores, plastic cups of various specifications, packaging barrels of various fast food boxes, paints, adhesives and other chemicals, packaging boxes, baskets, fresh-keeping paper, cakes, candy, fruit juice, fruit slices, fish and other seafood, eggs, honey, detergent, drinking water, fresh milk Yogurt and various beverages, plastic bottles of various specifications, etc

the United Arab Emirates is rich in dates. There are about 20million date trees in the country (16million of which are in Abu Dhabi). These trees have many varieties of dates with different colors, tastes and sweetness. After picking every year, some are consumed locally, some are processed and packaged by factories, and some are exported abroad. At present, only 6million jujube trees have been able to bear fruit, accounting for only 30% of the total number of jujube trees. The remaining 70% are still in their infancy, but they will soon enter the fruiting period. It can be seen that there is a large potential market for the machinery needed for processing and packaging dates

how Chinese enterprises enter the UAE market

to sum up, the UAE market is in great need of China's packaging machinery and food machinery, and the market potential here is great. In addition to the breakthrough in technology research and development, the former biggest difficulty is promising. But how to enter this market really needs serious and in-depth research

the Chinese government implements the "going global" strategy and its relevant policies, which are clear and specific, and supports all qualified enterprises to go abroad and enter the world. Therefore, the question before us now is: how to achieve unity, internal and external cooperation, overall planning and specific implementation

the so-called unity of mind means that countries and enterprises should unify their understanding, form a whole and coordinate their actions on the issue of entering the UAE market. The state provides support and convenience to state-owned and private enterprises through various channels and forms; The enterprise carries out specific planning and operation in accordance with the national guidelines and policies to improve the overall level and product quality. For a period of time, the national competent departments and relevant enterprises have concentrated their efforts and coordinated to jointly build a unified "Greater China" brand

the so-called internal and external cooperation, on the one hand, is the association between Chinese enterprises, on the other hand, is the cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. Whether it is joint or cooperation, we must adhere to "proceed from the overall situation, focus on the long term, respect and understand each other, and share interests and risks on the basis of their respective inputs and outputs". In order to achieve the expected goal as soon as possible, in the initial stage, we can take the initiative to "benefit the outside world" a little more. Through communication and running in, we should be familiar with the laws, regulations and procedures of the United Arab Emirates, understand the local market needs of similar products, establish marketing networks, constantly develop new products, expand business scope, radiate to surrounding countries, and realize transnational operations

for enterprises, when implementing, they must do the necessary research work first, and must not do it on a whim. Here is a shortcut. It is suggested that those enterprises who want to go abroad consider: in order to encourage Chinese enterprises to explore the Middle East market, the Chinese government has established some platforms. These platforms have high popularity, good reputation and rich resources in the Middle East region, and are an effective way for enterprises to enter the market in the region at low cost, low risk and quickly

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