The hottest U.S. will issue DuPont with the larges

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The United States will issue DuPont with the highest amount of fines ever

the United States will issue DuPont with the highest amount of fines ever

July 23, 2004

the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that it was preparing to issue a plastic modified asphalt waterproof membrane GB 16 to DuPont. Graphics: appropriate graphics and tables with user-defined graphics The maximum fine of hundreds of millions of dollars since the label and automatic adjustment ratio of 8243 ⑵ 000

in an administrative penalty order, the agency accused DuPont of refusing to provide the agency with a wide range of chemical materials called PFOA that can cause great harm to human health and the environment for three times since 1981. PFOA is a raw material used to manufacture Teflon, goltex and steinmaster carpets

the environmental protection agency said that because PFOA does not decompose in the environment and continues to exist, people pay attention to the impact of PFOA on human health. It also said that PFOA was found to cause cancer in animal experiments. EPA is studying how PFOA enters the human body and its potential health risks

DuPont did not report to EPA until 2001. The company found PFOA in pregnant women's blood samples in 981, which had been transferred to embryos. The company also found this substance in public water sources in 1991. In 1997, the environmental protection agency asked DuPont to provide chemical toxicity information of PFOA, but the company ignored it

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