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Shanghai supports the robot industry to take the road of independent innovation

the painter robot can draw pictures for the audience, the walking robot can automatically adjust its actions, and the welcome guide robot has the functions of speech recognition, face recognition, human body tracking and so on. At a high-tech exhibition held in Shanghai recently, various robots showed their talents. However, if you want to say that the most favored person in the audience is a Gobang robot. Many spectators came on stage to play chess with this master of this material, which is a very unique combination, but almost all of them failed. However, the main business of this robot is welding, and it is Shanghai xinshida company that developed it

take a path of independent innovation

in the robot factory of Shanghai xinshida in Jiading, I saw industrial robots working in welding. The arm, which rotates almost 360 degrees, falls in the specified position without deviation, showing a perfect welding operation, and it is entirely the handheld terminal on the operator's hand that can make such a beautiful action

don't underestimate the issuance of this instruction. By changing the background software code, the robot can operate completely according to the preset line. Such strength comes entirely from the independent development and control of xinshida's background software. Previously, this technology was generally in the hands of foreign competitors. Zhou shuopung, deputy general manager of Shanghai xinshida, said that at present, domestic welding robots can only weld straight seams, and their independently developed software and controller can complete complex curve operations and have the ability to compete with foreign products

independent of foreign technology, Shanghai xinshida has started to develop independent control software since 2009. This R & D team of about 100 people has lofty aspirations and wants to take a new path of independent innovation. Unlike other enterprises, which are dominated by discipline leaders, xinshida's R & D team is divided into several positions to perform their respective duties, and the team cooperates to develop new model products. At present, with the efforts of the R & D team, including core components such as drivers and control software, Yinguang group and Southwest University of science and technology are committed to the research in the field of energetic materials, which has become independent development and localization. With excellent technology and strength, it has received many orders

in the 126 floor tower crown of Shanghai center building, two high-altitude welding robots developed by Shanghai Construction Machinery Construction Group recently cooperated to complete high-precision welding of two 3-meter-long and 80 mm thick welds. The R & D personnel said that the domestic super high-rise and Long-Span Public Buildings basically adopt the form of steel structure, and the high-altitude welding robot has a very good market prospect

international giants keep a close eye on it

at present, abb, FANUC and other international robot giants are also increasing their investment in Shanghai, but this does not mean that domestic enterprises have no opportunities. If the robots of FANUC and ABB are already made in China, the robots developed by domestic enterprises are made in China

founded in 1999, Wodi company was mainly engaged in the introduction and agency of foreign machinery and equipment at the beginning. It was developed by the operator in 2006 and launched the first robot product in 2009. The robot they started to develop is to carry big bags. In the factory, boxes of drinks and bags of fertilizers are moved down the assembly line and stacked neatly, which is a blessing for most labor enterprises

the development of porters is the market segment selected by wody, and the goal of wody is to be China's own robot. We need to pay attention not only to technology, but also to the ability of industrialization. There is no future without independent intellectual property rights and only blindly following suit; It is not far to go if you want to ascend to the sky without industrialization and just want to compete with foreigners in the most cutting-edge technology. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said. On the basis of maintaining the industrialization process, Wodi adheres to scientific and technological R & D investment and intellectual property application. So far, Wodi has more than 60 patents

it is reported that wody is currently focusing on developing industrial robots with higher precision and faster speed. Today, Wodi employees are proud that abb and Fanuc pay close attention to our dynamics, and our products have a great impact on them

help one to seize the commanding height

local enterprises ① wood and plastic constitute a good impregnation; Compared with world-class enterprises, the gap is getting smaller and smaller. This cannot be separated from the government support and policy guidance with the Luohua Association as a link. The year before last, the research group of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology proposed that the intelligent manufacturing industry, green energy industry and digital service industry should be selected as the fields to be tackled. Since last year, industrial robots have also been listed as the top priority of the development of strategic emerging industries in Shanghai. In terms of independent R & D investment, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology has given enterprises a subsidy of 20% of R & D expenses, and given priority support in terms of land demand and talent demand. Take xinshida as an example. At the beginning of this year, its special servo system project for industrial robots has been included in the special project for the development of major technical equipment in Shanghai in 2013, and has received a total of 3.4 million yuan of support funds approved by the government

Shanghai will form a 2 + X agglomeration development pattern. First, build Pudong robot industry cluster with Kangqiao and Jinqiao as the core, and develop and expand robot technology research and development, manufacturing and system integration; Second, cultivate and develop Baoshan robot industrial base with Gucun robot industrial park as the core; Third, rely on backbone enterprises to cultivate industrial parks characterized by robots and core functional components in Jinshan, Songjiang, Jiading, Minhang and other districts

at the same time, promote the level of robot application technology in manufacturing related industries, improve the ability of automation system integration enterprises to provide solutions, and drive the technological level of the robot industry to improve. Build a public innovation support platform for the robot industry, gather resources from industry, University and research, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, manufacturers and users, strengthen common technology research and talent training, research related product testing, research and promote standard formulation, etc

Shanghai: the largest industrial robot industry cluster in China

Shanghai is currently the largest industrial robot industry cluster in China. Since last year, Shanghai has listed industrial robots as the top priority of the development of strategic emerging industries, issued a series of support policies to accelerate independent innovation, and made major breakthroughs from complete machines, key parts to Chengdu. According to the data provided by the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, by next year, the robot industry in Shanghai is expected to exceed the original target of 20billion yuan output value

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