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Shanghai trains printing talents with a new model

in order to promote the implementation of the training project for highly skilled publishing talents, sun Wenke, deputy director of the Department of personnel and education of the General Administration of publishing, came to Shanghai vocational training and guidance center yesterday to investigate the first national training project for advanced printing collars (flat sheet fed multi-color printing brush)

this printing high skill training held for the first time in Shanghai relies on the advanced printing equipment of the municipal vocational training and guidance center, breaks through the traditional training mode, highlights practical operation skills, and allows students to participate in as many practical operations as possible through modular teaching and practical case analysis, so that students can really improve the level of practical printing operation skills

after the field visit, deputy director Sun Wenke fully affirmed the hole pattern on the sample of this new printing high skill training board. He believed that this printing high skill training method has a leading role in the training direction of printing high skilled talents across the country, and has created a new training model for printing high skilled talents. 41 research institutions including the Korean Academy of science and technology will form a graphene alliance with 6 enterprises, It is also a new kind of Education (2) training exploration of measuring sample size with vernier caliper

source of information: labor daily

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