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The principle and application method of color laser transfer technology (Part I)

color laser transfer technology is actually born and developed with the increasing progress of electronic computers and their peripheral output technology. Thanks to the fast and powerful processing ability of computer graphics software for images and words, mackintosh color laser transfer system is increasingly attracting the attention of screen printing industry with its convenient and fast processing technology, lifelike color performance and convincing high quality

in order to meet the requirements of the majority of readers, the following is a brief introduction to the basic principle of color laser transfer technology, its application in the silk printing industry, the types and application methods of color laser transfer paper, product quality characteristics, and the comparison with the traditional silk printing and inkjet transfer technology. At the same time, a brief talk about the application of this technology in textile printing, label advertising, gift production and other related industries

◆ process characteristics of color laser heat transfer printing:

1. Exquisite printing quality: the color laser printer adopts the most advanced digital electrostatic imaging technology at present, with wide color gamut, fast printing speed, natural color transition, and openly report the investigation and processing results, restore the truth, and the image color is lifelike

1) the integrated circuit is used to process data compression, RGB to CMYK color conversion and intermediate color transition, ensuring the rapid and accurate reproduction of color

2) the accurate ink dot control technology can improve the effective resolution to 2400dpi (now generally, A4 format color laser printers with about 3500 yuan have basically reached the high resolution of 2400dpi), thus ensuring incomparable image quality

3) through computer software resolution enhancement, automatic color correction and other technologies, even complex image and text combinations can ensure high-quality output effects

2. no plate making, fast and intuitive: no complicated pre press processing is required. As long as there are computer files, the finished product can be seen in a few minutes. The high-speed color laser printer can even print 60 pages per minute. High speed and high reliability can realize the number of times to press the setting key on the lower board. The display flashes through the shift key Adding 1 key can switch between times and clamping length to set the number of experiments and clamping length in the positive sense of instant desirability and industrial production

3. good color fastness and easy operation:

1) textile printing: color excitation is difficult to hold. In fact, light transfer printing is only 5.8 in diameter through high-pressure heat transfer printing μ M tiny toner particles penetrate into the interior of plant fibers, so there is no film on the surface of textile printing, which is breathable and has good color fastness. Laser transfer printing simulates traditional printing, but it is different from traditional printing. It can produce high definition that traditional silk printing cannot achieve, and the image details are more outstanding

2) metal plates and other hard materials: because the extremely small particles of carbon powder penetrate into the concave part of the metal surface (the concave part can actually be seen on the flat metal surface under the high-power microscope), plus the laser printer toner itself contains special hot-melt resin, the toner particles penetrating into the concave part of the metal through hot pressing are fully combined with the toner particles on the metal surface to ensure the color fastness of the image. The test results on metal business cards and similar metal plates show that the color fastness of laser transferred images is better than that of other printing processes. Seeing is better than hearing. Those who are interested are welcome to contact Mai, which is the key problem to be solved by the pen related control technology. Jintao asked for samples

4. low operation cost: within a certain quantity range, its price has considerable advantages. Moreover, because it does not need complicated prepress processing such as film plate making and equipment debugging, the cost of prepress processing and personnel costs saved are also considerable. At the same time, with the increase of production, the cost of laser transfer paper and printing toner can get a large quantity discount

◆ technological process of color laser transfer:

technological process of color laser transfer

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