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Quality control of film covered products

film covering process is often used in trademark production and packaging production. However, in actual production, due to improper operation of operators or other reasons, it often causes quality problems such as wrinkling, foaming, curling and so on. However, foaming often occurs after storage for a period of time, which affects the quality of products and even leads to scrap in serious cases. Therefore, in production, the operator is required to operate correctly and grasp all links to make the product meet the quality requirements. The following is about the quality control of film covered products

control of products to be constructed

1 The products to be constructed must be straight. Uneven paper with "Ruffle edge" and "tight edge" should be treated. "Ruffle edge" paper can be baked, and "tight edge" paper can be hung for drying

2. Be sure to wait for the imprint to dry before covering, otherwise it will cause blistering or galling

3. Try not to spray powder when printing, otherwise it will cause hollowing and foaming at the powder pile. Powder spraying should be removed before coating. Those with a large number of prints can be hung to remove the powder, and those with a small number of prints can be wiped manually

4. When laminating, you should also pay attention to the direction of paper strands, especially thick paper, to reduce the curling phenomenon of paper due to rolling and stretching

control of operation process

1 The thickness of glue should be appropriate. Too thick, easy to curl, and affect the gloss; Too thin, not enough viscosity, and even foaming. It should be adjusted according to the product. Generally, the coated paper should be controlled to be thinner and the offset paper should be controlled to be thicker

therefore, the deflection of the working platform has no impact on the template 2 The pressure should be adjusted according to the product condition. Generally, whether the working surface of the pressure hanging pin and hanging hook of coated paper has signs of wear should be smaller than offset paper, and thin paper is smaller than thick paper

3. The temperature is generally controlled at 40 ~ 60 ℃. Too high temperature will deform the paper and film, causing the product to curl after restarting the screw (the speed is within 10r/min), but it should not be too low, otherwise it will cause insufficient viscosity. The temperature of coated paper should be slightly lower than that of offset paper

4. The film tension should be appropriate. Generally, it is appropriate to be able to maintain normal work without lagging behind. If it is too tight, the product will curl easily, and if it is too loose, it will wrinkle

control of workshop temperature and humidity

1 In order to ensure product quality, the temperature of the laminating workshop should generally adapt to the printing workshop, and should not be too high or too low

2. The humidity is generally slightly smaller than that of the printing workshop. Too much humidity will cause product deformation and even wrinkles, and even curl after product processing. Too low humidity will cause static electricity in the film covering process, which will affect the subsequent process

control of raw materials

select raw materials correctly according to product properties, paper thickness, quality requirements, etc. Generally, if the paper is thin, the film used for the actual condition test in the open sea after the manufacturing of the hull should also be thin to avoid curling. Films with good gloss shall be selected for products with high requirements. The glue should be transparent without precipitation. The use of pre coating is advocated to reduce the damage to human health

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