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Talking about the problems faced by the plastic flexible packaging industry are geometry

[today we will discuss in detail the specific test methods according to the national standard gb/t12914 (2) 008 determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard. China Packaging News] the plastic flexible packaging industry is widely used in daily life because of its advantages of light weight, less waste, softness, small space occupation and low cost, The level of plastic flexible packaging products is also one of the symbols that reflect the quality of life of people. In the global plastic industry, the largest consumption is the packaging industry. According to statistics, it generally accounts for about 25%-70% of the total consumption of plastic. In China, plastic flexible packaging accounts for 25% of plastic consumption. However, in recent years, due to the rapid expansion of its production capacity, the profits of enterprises have shrunk significantly. When the market is poor, some enterprises lose money and ship goods. For enterprises, the most important core of innovation is to strengthen product R & D and realize industrial upgrading. Independent R & D is to catch up with and surpass the operation and management ability of existing enterprises, is the best way to improve economic efficiency, and is a powerful weapon to turn a large capacity country into an innovation power. However, there are still some problems with independent research and development in the current packaging industry:

first of all, enterprises lack strategic planning, which is the long-term goal of enterprises. Long term planning is one of the precautions in the self-developed torsion tester test, and it is also one of the most important. In a sense, it is related to the future fate of enterprises. Strategic advantages are constantly changing, and past success cannot prove sustainable success. The more in adversity, the more it can reflect the infinite power of R & D, innovation and product strategy. No matter how the market changes, it is easier to find its own way of profit

secondly, there is a lack of market research guidance and information feedback support. The vitality of the product mainly depends on the recognition of its end users. Whether the product can be well received by users can be seen after the product is introduced to the market, but people's potential demand for the product can be obtained after investigation and before the product is launched. Therefore, the early research work of product research and development is very important and necessary. At the same time, we also need to re develop and improve the feedback information from users. Make minor adjustments to the products according to the information feedback, which saves both labor and money. Therefore, the contribution of information feedback to product research and development is flexible and timely, which should be paid attention to

thirdly, there is a lack of demand creation. It is not necessary to have demand before developing products. It is also necessary to create demand in a timely manner and use products to lead demand and consumption. By grasping the future development direction of the industry, the research and development of new products in line with the market development trend is bound to fill the market gap, create consumption, and even promote the sustainability of most aluminum products. The development of downstream industrial chains can also benefit enterprises from both fame and wealth. Most enterprises in China are either lacking in this aspect, and if they can guide consumption, they will undoubtedly take the initiative

in general, flexible packaging enterprises must actively develop new materials, new technologies, new products and new equipment, improve the quality of their products, and turn the development mode of blind expansion to scientific and independent research and development, so as to remain invincible in the market

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