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With the development of the collectivization of the tobacco industry, as a unit of the tobacco group - the printing enterprise, its position and role in the group has gradually attracted the attention of insiders. Printing enterprises will make their own contributions to improving the competitiveness of tobacco groups, reducing production costs within the group and carrying out horizontal expansion of the industry

I. current situation of shallow discount printing enterprises

1. Equipment status

because most printing enterprises built factories earlier, and some were originally a workshop or branch factory of a tobacco factory, most of their equipment were domestic equipment in the 1970s and 1980s. The equipment operation rate was relatively low, the failure frequency was high, and the product quality was difficult to guarantee. Although some printing plants have introduced some imported equipment through technological transformation in the past two years, the supporting capacity of equipment is poor, resulting in many processes and processes that do not slip and cannot be improved in the experimental process, and the utilization rate of equipment is relatively low. From the perspective of far 3 axis and vibrating table, one of the common difficulties in printing plants at present is to update technical equipment and eliminate backward equipment, in order to improve production efficiency and improve processing technology

2. Management status

due to the strong attachment of old enterprises or original workshops, strong dependence on traditional management, resulting in confusion in process and process management, poor staff quality and organizational discipline, lack of systematic management by managers and functional departments at all levels, weak awareness of modern management, and lack of effective management means, printing enterprises urgently need to introduce scientific and modern management ideas, It is urgent to improve the quality of managers and positions, further strengthen the basic management of enterprises, and further update the management mode

3, the plight of enterprises

under the wave of market economy, individual printing enterprises have been besieged by the market, mainly in the following two aspects:

first, strong dependence. Because the subsidiary branch or workshop originally belonging to the tobacco factory has a strong dependence on the tobacco factory in terms of management, production, capital auxiliary facilities, and products, the dependence on many aspects makes the enterprise face the market relatively confused in the short term, plus the trouble of capital and other aspects, which makes it difficult to move forward

second, picky eaters. Because the printing factory originally produced the products or some products of a cigarette factory, its equipment was not matched, and the process technology was not perfect. After entering the market alone, facing the products of many cigarette factories, the problem was more acute, and it was difficult to adapt to the market. It was only possible to choose products from the market or the tobacco group, which was very beneficial to the development of the factory

second, printing enterprises promote the development of tobacco groups

although there are many adverse problems in printing enterprises at present, once they become a member of tobacco groups, they can overcome some adverse factors and inject vitality into the development of tobacco groups at the same time

1. Form the basic industry of tobacco group

as a tobacco group, its formation is a group formed by several tobacco factories, tobacco bases or tobacco companies in a region or a certain region, which complement each other's advantages and develop together. After printing enterprises join the tobacco group, they can improve the industrial structure of the tobacco group. This makes the group gain a strong pillar in terms of production enterprises

2. Reduce the investment of tobacco groups in cigarette decoration, and with the improvement of living standards, cigarette consumers' requirements for cigarette decoration will further increase. At present, the decoration of a cigarette mostly costs a few yuan, and more than a dozen yuan. In this way, for a cigarette group with an annual output of 1million cases, the investment in decoration is very huge, It can be said that if a printing enterprise modifies a process or improves a decoration, it will save tens of millions of yuan of production costs for the group every year. A printing enterprise as a member of the group. It will be more committed to reducing the group's production costs

2. Promote the sustainable development of the group

the control system of plastic granulator in printing enterprises includes heating system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, and gradually form a strong pillar enterprise in the group. While meeting the internal decoration needs of the group, it has strong market competitiveness, which is conducive to its development to other packaging industries, so that the group can obtain the power of sustainable development

III. Development Trend of printing enterprises

1. Upgrading equipment to improve production scale

due to the disadvantages of backward equipment, small scale and low efficiency, printing enterprises need to further introduce technical equipment, improve production scale, improve production efficiency, improve products or add support in the pipe wall, which is difficult but very effective. With first-class production equipment and auxiliary facilities, Zhengzhou Golden Leaf Tobacco printing plant is in the leading position of printing enterprises in Henan Province, so it is more necessary to increase technical investment, expand production scale, and improve equipment supporting capacity, in order to obtain a leading position in production scale. Guide the development of the industry

2. Strengthen basic management and improve enterprise efficiency

while introducing technology, we should introduce advanced management experience and modern management consciousness, adopt modern management means, improve the quality of employees, strengthen basic management, and make enterprises obtain higher benefits. For example, the development of Zhengzhou Golden Leaf Tobacco printing plant needs to further strengthen the management of machines, teams and workshops, straighten out the working procedures, clarify the management ideas, adopt scientific methods, improve work efficiency, reduce product consumption, and improve product quality. Only in this way can the enterprise gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, gain a foothold in the market and develop in the long run

3. Change the mechanism to promote the development of enterprises

on the basis of traditional management, we should further update the concept, and we can promote the sustainable development of enterprises by changing the mechanism and updating the management mode. For example, the national limatun printing group promotes the further development of the enterprise by changing the asset composition mode, so that the group can obtain strong market competitiveness. Our printing enterprises in Henan can also adopt a similar model to seize opportunities for development

in a word, printing enterprises are facing great difficulties at present. In the face of fierce market competition, they should strengthen technological transformation, introduce advanced management ideas and modes, strengthen internal management, improve enterprise efficiency and promote enterprise development

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