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At present, the appearance of Chinese patent medicine packaging is simple and generous, giving people a sense of beauty, safety and trust, but there are still the following deficiencies in the packaging process, as follows

too timely tightening; Degree packaging. For example, there are only 3 packages of some granules in a box, which only needs several boxes once a day, resulting in waste of outer packaging. Since most of the Chinese patent medicines need to be taken for a long time, it is better to take them in a single package (under the condition that the volume allows) for 3 days. In this way, drugs are not wasted and resources are saved

establish brand image. Some manufacturers design their own drug packaging in a unified form. Except for the different drug names and descriptions on the packaging, other parts are the same. Such packaging is easy to confuse, making pharmacists busy and make mistakes in the process of dispensing drugs. Therefore, manufacturers should have differences in packaging design, each with its own characteristics, and there should be great differences in color

dosage is difficult to master. Although some bottled pills, syrups, mixtures, etc. are marked with the filling volume and standard measurement units, as well as the dosage of each time, patients cannot have scales and measuring cups, so they have to measure the dosage, Richard Northcote, a member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and global head of sustainable development, explained, "we are always committed to creating materials and solutions that can be sustainable development. Therefore, in syrups and mixture packaging (at present, the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by StarTech mainly includes three types of bottles: digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine). The standard scale mark should be engraved on it, or a small measuring cup should be equipped. For some pills, it is better to use small packages, one package at a time, or to determine the number of pills taken at a time, so that patients can take them accurately

in addition, plastic film is now used in many packaging, which plays a certain role in moisture prevention, but it has caused great environmental pollution. In fact, many inner packages have adopted aluminum foil and bottles with good sealing performance, and some are also equipped with moisture-proof agents. In addition, there are high requirements for temperature and humidity during storage and transportation, so plastic film packaging can be avoided

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