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The current situation and development trend of China's short version fast printing industry

with the development of commodity economy, the short version fast printing market is expanding from the early text parts printing to publishing, bills, commerce, packaging and other fields, and has become an indispensable and important branch of the printing industry

the prosperity of China's short edition fast printing industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. the total market volume continues to grow, with both emerging short edition business and the growth brought about by the fragmentation of batch printing

2. the quality requirements have been gradually improved, and the proportion of medium and high-grade commercial prints and beautifully packaged prints has increased. People not only pursue color, but also pursue personalization and artistry

3. the printing range is expanded; Lipid Prints: both monochrome and chromatic prints, as well as exquisite multicolor prints; There are not only documents, materials, books and newspapers, but also samples, advertisements, posters, bills, tags, trademarks, packaging boxes, handbags and other commercial, commercial and packaging copies

4, the number of employees is huge. In recent years, more and more people have invested in the short version fast printing industry due to the low market access threshold, less investment and quick results

5. printing enterprises are diversified. There are not only cultural printing centers and school run printing plants of the army, enterprises and institutions, but also express printing shops, advertising companies, as well as publishing and printing plants, commercial printing plants and packaging printing plants of various sizes

6. printing equipment includes light offset printing machine, heavy offset printing machine and digital printing machine; There are monochrome printing machines and printing machines with two-color heads, as well as two-color printing machines, four-color printing machines and multi-color printing machines: there are both sheet fed printing machines and web printing machines; The format of the printing press ranges from eight to six, and from five to four

7. the process technology is diversified. In addition to direct plate making and digital printing, new technologies such as UV printing, online UV glazing, and reversible double-sided printing are also applied

the purchasing power of two-color and multi-color offset printing machines mainly comes from East China, especially in the Yangtze River Delta, with advertising companies, fast printing enterprises, packaging and trademark printing enterprises in the majority; the supporters of monochrome heavy-duty machines are mostly in the south of the Yangtze River, mainly distributed in short version fast printing enterprises, bill printing plants and trademark printing plants. This reflects from the side that, under the background of market prosperity, due to the uneven economic, cultural and commercial development of various regions, there are also great differences in the market space, print category, quality requirements and equipment demand of short version fast printing

the market focus of big cities is shifting from monochrome printing to color printing. As a trade center city represented by Shanghai, the demand for high-end business printing is increasingly prominent. Fast ASTM G105 SAE Recommended Practice (Falex dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus) and other standard speeds not only refer to the printing speed, but also the requirements for speed guarantee. Short version fast printing enterprises positioned in the high-end market tend to use digital printing equipment and imported small multi-color printing machines. As the political and cultural center represented by Beijing, the high-end user group is relatively small. Putting digital printing presses in the central business district is more about establishing brand image and cultivating the market. High level short edition fast printing enterprises tend to start with short edition fast printing. In the process of capital accumulation, they gradually screen out sporadic customers. When they have relatively stable customer resources, they advance to medium and long edition printing and cover all businesses with the image of an all-round printing service provider

in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, even in medium-sized cities, the short version fast printing industry has preliminarily completed the market segmentation, the competition tends to be orderly, and the enterprises have clear positioning and clear development ideas

while more developing regions are still in the transition period from lead to fire, the market demand for short editions is dominated by black-and-white prints, and the middle and low-end products are the mainstream. Local large and medium-sized traditional printing enterprises also began to purchase equipment suitable for short version color fast printing in order to attract more outgoing copies. But most enterprises, offset printing process is still a new process

Taking Tibet as an example, most of the printing factories are the tertiary industries of government agencies, troops, colleges and universities or large enterprises. The demand for short edition printing is mainly for books, periodicals and documents, and there are few commercial printing. Due to the high cost of color short edition printing, customers can not afford it, and the printing factory can not afford it. Black and white printing and light printing equipment can meet the current demand. In the vast number of small and medium-sized cities, especially in the north, there is no or very little investment in short edition printing except for the subordinate printing room. The demand for short edition printing is mostly absorbed by traditional printing plants or flows to other cities

short version fast printing enterprises in the same region have different backgrounds, different market positioning and different development steps. Government offices are generally the first to introduce small offset printing machines. Because they are not limited by funds, they pay attention to the crystal brand and favor imported machines. Most of them are based on the principle of serving the main body, and the market operates less, mainly in black and white. At present, most of the printing rooms are dominated by imported small offset printing machines, and even equipped with double-sided printing machines with turnover. Due to the special units, most of them are not oriented to the society. Although the processing capacity and technical level are very high, they are only engaged in monochrome printing or simple two-color overprint. It has provided theoretical guidance to welfare enterprises and school run enterprises for the plan of 300 ton tension machine. Because they enjoy special policies such as tax reduction and exemption, and there are a certain amount of stable sources, they are more practical in product positioning and equipment investment. Although they are now dominated by small offset printing, their goal is to become bigger

both Shanghai Bodner Printing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ruixin printing factory are short version fast printing enterprises engaged in bill printing. The former's bill business is mainly web printed, such as express delivery details, so jb470pj- Ⅱ.Jb470pj- Ⅲ of Yantai Wuzhou is selected. JB450PYDM。 JB560

Ⅱ JB500DK; The latter focuses on single paper bills, with 5 wh47np from Bintian, Weihai as the host. However, in order to enhance competitiveness and reduce investment risks, they all chose domestic equipment

the Express Printing Branch of the printing factory of Renmin University of China is a school run enterprise. With the understanding of the short version Express Printing Market, the enterprise scale is expanding, and a production pattern based on short version bill business such as bills and quotations and single page promotional materials is basically formed. In order to meet the fast printing demand of bill printing, a China Eastern Airlines np480 offset press was added a year ago. With the growing business, the factory has prepared to purchase large offset printing machines, but the short version business will continue to be retained

private enterprises are completely market-oriented. They pay more attention to characteristic operation. Many new technologies were first put into practice by them. Therefore, while shaping themselves, they have also established a new template for the short version rapid printing industry

traditional printing enterprises are facing fierce competition, and any factor that makes customers inconvenient will bring a fatal blow to the printing factory. In order to meet the short edition printing needs of long edition customers, many traditional printing enterprises have also added short edition printing business, in order to improve the service image and stabilize customer resources with short edition fast printing

economic development has led to the prosperity of the short version fast printing market. At the same time, the growth and technological progress of the short version fast printing industry have also improved the economic environment and the efficiency and flexibility of economic activities. China's economy is in a high-speed development stage. The imbalance in development has created a multi-level demand for short version fast printing and uneven technical level. This difference is where the market potential lies. China's strong economic development momentum will certainly bring further prosperity and order to the short version rapid printing industry

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