The current situation and development trend of the

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The current situation and development trend of China's rapid economic mold

with the rapid development of various high and new technologies, the rapid economic mold has been given a new mission and brand-new connotation. Its classification is increasing, the rapid economic mold making materials are moving towards multi variety serialization, the process is constantly making new innovations and breakthroughs, the supporting equipment is coming out one after another, the service field is constantly expanding, and the economic benefits created are becoming more and more significant

the status quo and development of rapid economic mold

the rapid economic mold technology in China has developed rapidly and is close to the international advanced level. Especially since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", under the guidance of the rapid development of the automotive industry, the rapid economic mold technology has greatly promoted the development of rapid economic mold technology, which has changed China's rapid economic mold technology from serving low-grade and small batch production to serving the development of new models and various new products of high-end cars. Rapid economic mold technology belongs to advanced manufacturing technology. At present, the development and research of rapid economic mold technology in China are basically distributed in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and scientific and technological high-tech enterprises. There are not many enterprises specialized in research and production of rapid economic mold, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, it is urgent to expand the scale of rapid economic mold enterprises and support their R & D of new rapid economic mold technology

the main problem in the field of rapid economic tooling is that there are relatively few professional rapid tooling manufacturing enterprises in China, which affects the development and trial production of new products with independent brands in China. For example, in the development of new automobile models, most of the main engine manufacturers choose foreign rapid prototype enterprises of new models or domestic foreign-funded enterprises. The main reason is that there are few domestic rapid economic mold enterprises or their development is not strong enough, which affects the choice of the main engine manufacturers. Secondly, China's rapid tooling enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises with weak self-development ability. Although they are close to the advanced level of foreign countries in technology, they have limited ability in technological transformation investment

gap with the international advanced level

in recent years, China's rapid economic mold technology has developed rapidly, especially with the popularization of CNC processing equipment, the design level and quality of molds have been greatly improved, which can completely replace imports. However, compared with the advanced rapid tooling technology abroad, there is still a certain gap

after years of technical accumulation and grafting with new technologies and materials, the manufacturing level and speed of the rapid tooling for automotive panels have been significantly improved. Compared with the international advanced level, the gap is mainly reflected in: the international advanced automobile panel rapid tooling manufacturing enterprise integrates rapid tooling technology and automobile body technology, and implements a one-stop service from rapid tooling manufacturing, stamping and welding for the development of new products of automobile main engine plants. Domestic automobile panel rapid tooling manufacturing enterprise. It can only undertake the manufacturing and stamping of rapid tooling, resulting in the lack of active sources for domestic rapid tooling enterprises and the slow improvement of the overall level. In addition, the automobile panel rapid tooling manufacturing enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with weak investment capacity, and the introduction of advanced high-speed processing equipment and testing equipment is less, which can not guarantee the rapid development of high-grade products

since the emergence of rapid prototyping technology, after more than 20 years of development, the key of RP has been to promote the standardization and legalization of enterprise related charge governance. After entering the stage of mature technology and steady development, dozens of different processes have emerged. The level of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology in China is not poor. Compared with the international advanced level, the main gap lies in the slow commercialization and commercialization of research results. At present, rapid prototyping, as a conversion means of rapid tooling technology in China, has not yet emerged as a rapid prototyping technology and equipment for large-scale rapid stamping dies

development objectives and main tasks

with the low concentration of new product industry, the development speed of these problems is faster and faster, the types of new materials are more and more, and the forming process is constantly changing. It is required that the rapid economic mold technology can quickly adapt to the changes of new materials. Therefore, the development focus of rapid economic mold technology should be determined according to the market demand, technical content, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as representing the development direction of rapid economic mold technology. Rapid economic mold is the representative of advanced manufacturing industry. From the above development status and existing problems, we can see that in the future, we should focus on expanding the scale of rapid economic mold enterprises and support rapid economic mold enterprises to commercialize and commercialize their research results as soon as possible

therefore, the main objectives and tasks of rapid economic mold are as follows: ① through the combination of production, learning and research, improve the proportion of commercialization and commercialization of rapid economic mold research results, quickly apply the industrialization research results to new product development projects, and improve the independent development ability of China's products. Further expand the role of rapid economic tooling in rapid manufacturing, improve the market share of rapid tooling, and increase the current market share of about 20% to more than 50%. ② Popularize the application of cad/cam/cae technology and fully realize 3D design. ③ Further shorten the manufacturing cycle of rapid economic mold, and shorten it by more than 20% on the basis of rapid economy. ④ According to the characteristics of the emerging new materials, research and develop the corresponding rapid prototyping die. ⑤ Aiming at automobile lightweight, energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, the forming technology of high-strength steel automobile components with low entrance based on rapid tooling is developed, so that the rapid economic tooling can press the sheet metal with tensile strength above 750MPa, and realize the localization of high-strength steel forming products of automobile components. ⑥ Build a national rapid economic mold engineering technology research center and establish a rapid economic mold manufacturing base, so that the newly developed rapid economic mold technology achievements can be quickly transformed into productivity

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