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Cold look at the current situation and development trend of domestic small offset printing machines (Part 1)

small offset printing machines usually refer to printing machines with a format of less than six Kai. Users purchase small offset printing machines for two main purposes: first, low cost, which is easy to recover investment in a short time; Second, the market needs, because there are many products on the market that are not suitable for large offset printing machines, such as less than 1000 copies of printed matter. The small offset press can reflect its strong advantages when printing these products, which is an important factor for the survival of the small offset press

I. overview

small offset printing began to develop in China in the mid-1980s, and entered a high-speed development stage in the 1990s. At the end of the 1990s, the output of small offset printing machines was about 10000. Small offset printing initially appeared in the printing market as light printing. This kind of equipment has the advantages of small investment, low cost and simple operation and maintenance. The key is that paper base plate can be used for printing. Compared with the traditional PS version, it has a significant price advantage (about 1 yuan for a paper base version and about 10 yuan for a PS version of the same specification). In addition, compared with the manual paper resuming and stopping rotary platform printing machine at that time, it has good quality and high efficiency. For short and fast products, it can change hundreds of sets a day. These advantages are unmatched by large format printing machines. It is based on these advantages that the production and sales of small offset printing machines have been booming for more than a decade, but with the passage of time, after the growth period in the 1980s and the mature period in the 1990s, such products gradually declined

the typical performance in the declining period is that the market demand is not strong and the output is excessive. There are two reasons: first, consumers put forward higher requirements for printing quality, and the traditional small offset press has made slow progress due to its own structure; On the other hand, there are too many manufacturers entering this field and the competition is fierce, resulting in product backlog. Many small offset printing manufacturers use price reduction means, which has triggered a price war in the market. Due to the extremely small profit margin, many small offset printing enterprises are facing a strategic transformation with the main experimental results of the microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine. From the market phenomenon, it can be analyzed that the design and manufacturing capacity of small offset printing machines in China is insufficient. In the past two years, the small offset printing market has not been as active as before. Problems such as market saturation and excess output have seriously troubled many manufacturers, and it is difficult to drive the overall demand by reducing prices

second, backward technology is the main factor restricting the development of small offset printing

the development of small offset printing in all supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and other commodity retail places in China mainly adopts two ways: "technology introduction and imitation". The introduction of a full set of technologies requires large investment by enterprises. Thanks to the comprehensive technical data, the product quality has been reliably guaranteed. Some products can become famous brands and be active in the market for a long time. Imitation is also one of the main ways to develop small offset printing products in China. It is unrealistic for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to fully introduce foreign technology. Many manufacturers use this method to enter the small offset printing industry. Imitation has also brought about a lot of negative effects, that is, many low-quality equipment flooded the market, causing great damage to the reputation of small offset printing products, and many manufacturers had to adopt the means of price reduction to compete with it

in general, although all manufacturers have improved on the basis of digesting and absorbing the original technology, the effect is not obvious. Due to the weak basic research, the investment in the research and development of new products and new processes is also insufficient. At present, the design and manufacture of small offset printing in China mainly focus on strengthening the stability and reliability of mechanical properties of offset printing machines. However, there are still many deficiencies in improving the intelligent degree of automatic operation, improving production efficiency, increasing benefits, reducing waste and more application of ergonomics

although many experiences have been accumulated in the development of domestic small offset press for more than 20 years, the design technology of small offset press has not been fundamentally mastered, mainly due to insufficient investment in scientific research. It is difficult for small offset printing factories to invest more in scientific research, which is also related to the level of domestic universities, and their research results in this area are also very few. In fact, after entering the 1990s, small offset printing machines in foreign countries developed rapidly 4 The lower limit test load is added before starting the machine. In many aspects, the technology similar to or similar to that used in large offset press is adopted. The small offset press has gradually changed from the traditional light printing equipment to the commercial printing machine

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