The current situation and development direction of

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The current situation and development direction of China's decorative art glass enterprises

the high-tech products are not as good as the good functions of the products. A market leader is not necessarily a technology leader, but a product function leader. "Peers have different interests". The biggest reason for different interests is that they provide different functions. Market leaders meet the potential needs of consumers by establishing their own product function standards for filters with infarct indicators. As the saying goes: the first-class enterprises sell the standard of function, the second-class enterprises sell the technology of installing extensometer or attaching strain gauge function on the standard tensile specimen when it is in the tensile state, and the third-class enterprises sell the product of function

the common problem of China's decorative art glass enterprises is that they only pay attention to form innovation, but do not pay attention to product function innovation. Everyone is making bigger glass than the other family, whose glass sandblasting carving skills are deep, and whose colors are more colorful, but they neglect to make breakthroughs in product functions. Today, China's decorative art glass can only be used for screens, doors and windows, furniture and simple modeling. No wonder some professional visitors saw colorful glass at the Guangzhou Decoration Expo and said, where are these glasses used? In the international market, the function of decorative glass is very clear, such as lighting, ceiling, tableware, decorations, bathroom, mirror decoration, wall tiles, table boards, sculptures, etc. Customers will associate these products with the specific situation after use, because the special functions, modeling art and beautiful colors of these products are organically combined into a whole, which enlightens and stimulates the consumption of the reason

why can't our enterprises start from their own processing equipment and technical conditions to carefully investigate the market and explore the functional glass products that can be processed with artistic glass and used in special fields? Why do we have to "have what you have and I have what you have and I am more complete" in the production of varieties? "A master is better than a master", which means that as long as you go deep into it and study and practice certain skills, you can "master the world with one move", which is the so-called "simple moves, practicing to the extreme is a unique move". Don't always see that other people's products are good, and rush to compete with others regardless of your own foundation and conditions. You may lose watermelons, pick up sesame seeds, and use your own weaknesses to compare with other people's strengths. That's tantamount to you and Liu Xiang competing in the 100 meter hurdles

generally speaking, the product design ability of our decorative art glass industry is relatively weak, and the knowledge level and quality of workers are relatively low. Then, how can we develop new products? It is advisable to adopt the methods of extension, grafting and transformation. First of all, we should carefully study the market to see which commodities in the market can be replaced by glass, and develop a unique commodity on the basis of function. Perhaps the business opportunities you find in other fields are huge markets that your peers have not taken into account and have not found. Even if you will make a lot of profits when it comes to mass production, your peers still don't know the secret! Secondly, in the exhibition or market, you will find that some glass manufacturers inadvertently make oneortwo pieces of glass products and put them there for fun. They are not their leading products at all, but they reflect a certain demand of the market. Then, you can "borrow" them to see what defects their products still have and what factors have not been taken into account, and then transform, extend and improve them, Make it a new commodity, process it exclusively, put it into the market as soon as possible, and gain a lot! Third, do not be large and comprehensive. Try to process a single variety of artistic glass that can be foretold to form finalized products and create economies of scale. For example, if you want to use glass products as wall waist lines, in fact, this is the functional innovation of the product. Then, you should first investigate the existing wall waist lines in the market, such as wood products, ceramic tiles, stones, plastics, etc., to understand their product advantages, price composition, use environment, product shortcomings and use limitations. Based on the advantages of transparency, no deformation, no pollution, easy cleaning and various decoration methods of glass, we can use comprehensive processing methods, use all available auxiliary materials, and through many tests and adjustments, we will be able to produce products that most people ignore but are always surprised

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