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The current situation of China's manufacturing industry faces three major problems that are not optimistic. Dr. wangxiwen, director of the E-commerce Research Institute of the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, has worked in the field of industry and information technology for more than 10 years. He has analyzed the disadvantages of China's manufacturing industry in this way:

although China is already a large manufacturing country, its manufacturing industry is large but not strong, and there is still a large gap between China and a powerful manufacturing country. There are many problems, some of which are fundamental, There are three main problems:

first, the industrial structure is unreasonable

from the perspective of production, the irrational industrial structure of China's manufacturing industry is characterized by structural and regional overproduction at a low level, as well as high consumption and high cost of enterprise production. Specifically, many important industries are highly dependent on foreign technology and have weak independent development ability, which makes it difficult to adapt to the fierce international competition; Many industries have serious overcapacity. In 2013, the national industrial capacity utilization rate was 79%, and the backward capacity accounted for 15% to 20%

with the rapid expansion of China's foreign trade scale, the external 7 In the process of lifting the pendulum, the binding force of the market demand for obstacles has increased significantly. In the long run, the terms of trade of low-grade products and primary products are deteriorating. The export pattern dominated by labor-intensive products will not have much room for growth in the future

II. The added value of the product is not high

for a long time, most Chinese enterprises have adopted OEM production, which is at the middle and low end of the global value chain. Product design, key parts and process equipment are mainly dependent on imports. Even for products with a certain share in the international market, Chinese manufacturers are more in the assembly and manufacturing process, generally do not master the core technology, and key parts and technologies mainly rely on imports

due to low added value, Chinese products make little profit. At the end of 2011, American scholars released a report called "capturing the profits of Apple's global supply network". The research on iPhone profit distribution showed that in 2010, apple monopolized 58.5% of the profits for every iPhone sold, while the profits earned by workers in Chinese Mainland accounted for only 1.8%. It is precisely because there is no technical advantage in the value chain. Despite the hard work, what we get is the lowest and very few meager profits

III. high energy consumption and serious pollution

China is the world's largest manufacturing country. In 2013, China's primary energy consumption was nearly 3.75 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for 21.3% of the world's energy consumption and 11.6% of the world's GDP. At present, China ranks first in the world in terms of chemical oxygen demand, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions. Smog, water pollution and structural engineering have become social hazards in order to catch up with the progress of heavy metals in soil

in the labor division chain of 96% of the world's foam, which is composed of gas controlled reaction slow foaming agents, the manufacturing industry belongs to China, which itself is an industry with great demand for natural resources. Coupled with low utilization efficiency, natural resources are consumed too fast in the process of economic development. The rising prices of primary products in the international market have brought more and more pressure to China's low-cost manufacturing market

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