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The development status and Prospect of Guangdong Printing and packaging professional market the combination of tangible market and network market is the development trend of Guangdong Printing and packaging market. In essence, it is also the application of e-commerce technology and the linkage of enterprises to carry out exhibition and sales. For the development of professional market, e-commerce is a challenge as well as an opportunity. For users, they must meet the required procurement needs

at present, the professional printing and packaging market in Guangdong has not really realized modern logistics operation. Although the application of modern logistics in the tangible market can improve the market level, increase the gold content for the professional market, and strengthen the attraction and cohesion of the market to customers, including a series of services in the fields of printing and packaging materials, accessories and procurement, transportation, warehousing and finished product circulation, such as processing, sorting and distribution. For example, with the help of computers, we can provide 24-hour non-stop service, deliver goods to multiple customers and buyers at the same time, and deliver them in place within the agreed period. It takes a lot of effort to get involved in logistics services, but it can not be achieved in one step under the current conditions of small professional market scale and material flow in Guangdong. It may be a good choice to cooperate with logistics groups. The development trend in recent years is to gradually adopt modern logistics management means in the exploration process, rely on the existing transportation business network and customer resources in the market, integrate and manage the information, operation capacity and technology owned by complementary service providers, and set up a large-scale logistics center. The market provides complete supply chain process collaboration and supply chain process redesign for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and end users, making the market a distribution center for the order, processing (installation), storage, distribution, sales and distribution of packaging and printing materials, equipment and equipment. Through modern logistics management, the integrated management of the whole process of the supply chain is preliminarily implemented, so that the enterprises in the supply chain implement modern and professional division of labor and cooperation, reduce the procurement costs of end users and the storage and transportation costs of suppliers, and thus enhance the overall competitiveness of market operators

for the future professional printing and packaging market in Guangdong, the correct development strategy is; At the initial stage, it mainly focuses on building the market framework; In the medium term, we will mainly expand the market scale and grade; In the later stage, European automobile manufacturers mainly focused on brand building while actively adopting new materials. Corrugated stretching fixture: width 60mm, clamping height 50mm, 1 set/2 pieces. No one wants to reach the goal in one step. In the coming period of time, the printing and packaging market that has formed a brand will start the launch of the chain professional market project. The brand specialty has newly announced that six qualified "white list" enterprises will expand their sales around their own brands, expand their market scale and regional influence, and cooperate with relevant parties at home and abroad to expand cross provincial and transnational chain operations, so as to give full play to the famous brand effect, no longer rely on imported experimental machines to meet the demand, and drive the development of chain regional professional markets with brands. Emerging professional markets will see the dawn of success without mistakes

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