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The current situation of flexible food packaging in China is worrying. It has been a whole year since the national standard of the people's Republic of China, GB1, 9741-2005, plastic composite films and bags for liquid food packaging, was issued on May 16, 2005 and implemented on December 1, 2005, jointly issued by the general Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee, How about the implementation of China's dairy and beverage industry in the past year? Recently, I made a key interview and understanding

the preface of the national standard plastic composite films and bags for liquid food packaging clearly points out that "the mandatory terms are: the oxygen permeability index in table 5.4 and the hygiene index in table 5.5."

5.4 the oxygen permeability index in the table clearly stipulates that the oxygen permeability of plastic composite film for aseptic packaging (WSS film for short) must be ≤ 20cm3/m2 · 24h · 0.1MPa; The composite film (wslz film for short) of plastic, paper and aluminum foil (or other barrier materials) for aseptic packaging must be ≤ 2cm3/m2 · 24h · 0.1MPa when aluminum foil is used as barrier material, and ≤ 20cm3/m2 · 24h · 0.1MPa when other barrier materials are used

in other words, the plastic composite film used for aseptic packaging must use the composite film containing high barrier materials to ensure that the oxygen permeability of the composite film meets the national standard

according to the market and enterprise information, the conclusion drawn after comprehensive analysis: the current packaging situation in the dairy and beverage industry is still that DuPont industrial Bioscience is cooperating with New Zealand Wool Company (wonz), which is very worrying. Over the past year, complaints about spoiled and flavored dairy products still occurred from time to time throughout the country. Reports in this regard are common in newspapers. Eating spoiled and tasted dairy products not only seriously damaged the interests of consumers, but also seriously threatened the health of consumers. There are many reasons for the deterioration and taste change of dairy products. From the perspective of packaging, one of the most important reasons is that the oxygen resistance of the plastic composite films and bags used in dairy products packaging by dairy enterprises is far from meeting the national standards

it is necessary to change to the technological innovation and capital driven development mode. In order to reduce costs, many enterprises, especially a large number of small and medium-sized dairy enterprises, have not seriously implemented the national standards, and still use a large number of low-cost plastic composite films (SS films) for ordinary packaging without high barrier materials, which have very poor oxygen permeability

some dairy enterprises use plastic composite films containing high barrier materials in summer or hot weather seasons, but in winter or cool weather seasons, they use low-cost ordinary plastic composite films without high barrier materials, regardless of the mandatory provisions of national standards

obviously, the failure to abide by the law is the most fundamental reason for the deterioration and flavor change of dairy products, which has seriously damaged the interests of consumers and seriously threatened their health

but what is the deeper reason? Enterprises have their own difficulties. In 2005, the overall market of China's dairy market maintained a growth rate of 30%. However, under the double attack of the rising price of packaging raw materials and the price war, the gross profit margin of almost all companies in the dairy sector declined to varying degrees, and the profit margin of enterprises was between 2%-5%. In order to make profits, many small and medium-sized enterprises and even large enterprises ignore national laws and regulations

the low profits of enterprises can not harm the interests of consumers. The serious problem lies in the fact that enterprises do not implement the mandatory provisions of national standards, and there is no one to manage and enforce the law, causing many enterprises to knowingly commit crimes. How to solve this problem, interviewed a number of senior dairy experts

they think: first, although the state has promulgated national standards and stipulated mandatory provisions, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, which are the issuing units of this website, have the right and obligation to manage them. National mandatory provisions cannot be regarded as an ordinary document

second, China's recently established state food and drug administration should also pay attention to food and packaging. Only good packaging can ensure good food storage. Food and packaging should be paid attention to together

third, local food and drug inspection teams and local health and epidemic prevention stations should also take charge of one, three and the next, and they will certainly be able to take good care of this livelihood project related to the health of the people

fourth, the state should also have certain support for dairy enterprises. Enterprises will not do things without profits. Dairy enterprises must be given preferential policies so that they can have the initiative to develop China's dairy industry

it is far from enough to have only one good regulation and standard. A strong inspection organization will supervise and the enterprise will be profitable in production. Only in this way can the further implementation of national standards be promoted

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