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Review of China's kitchen cabinet industry

1. The formation of an independent kitchen cabinet industry

the formation of China's kitchen cabinet industry was in the mid-1990s. With the rise of China's real estate industry, it has greatly promoted the formation and development of the kitchen cabinet industry. At present, the kitchen cabinet industry has become an industry with independent production and sales characteristics

at present, the production of kitchen cabinet industry in China is in a period of rapid development. The overall kitchen cabinet is widely accepted by the society and is an important part of commercial housing and family decoration. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 100 kitchen cabinet production enterprises of a certain scale in China, with an annual output value of more than 5billion yuan. In addition, there are a large number of small-scale and small workshop kitchen cabinet production and marketing enterprises

2. The overall kitchen cabinet market has great potential

China has a population of 1.3 billion, and a huge potential consumer market has attracted the attention of the world. China's annual capital construction completion is more than 1.2 billion square meters, six times that of Europe. Among them, the construction of urban housing is about 500million square meters, which can provide housing for 5million households based on 100 square meters of each household. The annual amount of home decoration projects in China is more than 200billion yuan, and it is still growing at a rate of 15% every year. According to the calculation of these figures, the amount of kitchen decoration of residential buildings in China is considerable, which requires a large number of economically applicable kitchen cabinet products, and the development prospect of the industry is considerable

3. The kitchen cabinet industry is gradually maturing.

after more than ten years of development, the kitchen cabinet industry has continuously introduced foreign advanced production technology and improved the design and production level. The manufacturing technology and quality of domestic kitchen cabinets are constantly improving. With the accumulation of management experience, China's kitchen cabinet industry has become mature and standardized in all aspects. A relatively perfect system of design, production, installation, supporting facilities and services has been formed. The application of Internet to transmit sales information and carry out technical exchanges is at the forefront of the entire furniture industry

4. The kitchen cabinet industry is becoming more and more standardized

kitchen cabinet products are very different from general furniture products in production, sales and installation, and have higher requirements for product design, safety and health. Standardized and serialized production shows strong vitality in the kitchen cabinet industry. Kitchen cabinet standards have become an important part of guiding production, standardizing the market and resolving disputes. At the initial stage of industry development, many production enterprises used international advanced standards for production. According to the market demand, the standards that have been promulgated and implemented include the industrial standard of kitchen furniture, the national standard of household kitchen equipment and the industrial standard of residential integrated kitchen. In addition to quoting relevant domestic and foreign standards, these standards also refer to some European community standards on product Coordination dimensions, safety performance requirements and inspection methods. According to the needs of development, China is currently revising some standards, and the standardization of the overall kitchen cabinet industry is gradually improving




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