The embroidered wall cloth with collar embroidery

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I gently smile, shallow daydream, that cool creeping sun, fluttering the fragrance of ink, leaves light, swaying colorful, subtle fragrance floating time. Now let's have a look with the collar embroidery wall cloth

after a glance

I still can't help but look again

think about it

or I can't help but think about it again

I gently smile

shallow imagination

the cool and luxuriant sun

flutters the fragrance of ink

the leaves are light, swaying colorful

the faint fragrance floats time

this scene is on the windowsill.Sing

welcome the morning glow and send away the home of Twilight drum

, How beautiful...

the wall painting of Jane 2 is flourishing, gray rattan purple

the embroidered wall cloth with collar embroidery inherits the needlework, color transition and expression of Suzhou embroidery, which is the first of the four famous embroideries. The techniques are flexible and lively, the patterns are rich, and the themes are wide; Taking the manual Suzhou embroidery as the original for plate making, and producing it in an industrialized way, the products are exquisite

(image and text source: collar embroidery wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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