How to control indoor pollution during decoration

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I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief after the decoration, but in order to protect the health of the lazy family, I'd better do an air test. Speaking of indoor air, it should especially attract the attention of owners. In addition to timely air detection after decoration, it should be considered when determining the materials before decoration. Therefore, if you want to really live a healthy and comfortable life at home, no matter how lazy you are, you should mention this nerve - air quality, which must be strictly controlled! Indoor air quality is the most critical for living. It is most reassuring to ask a professional testing institution to check it

early stage: air quality pre control is the main thing

for most families, the most important substance of indoor pollution is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an important part of adhesives. Therefore, all adhesives, including wood-based panels, coatings, carpets and furniture, will contain formaldehyde. If a single item exceeds the standard, it will inevitably cause the air quality not to meet the standard. In addition, it is worth noting that even if each product is within the scope, if there are too many building materials containing formaldehyde in the room, it is easy to cause unqualified air quality when adding up. Therefore, when determining the decoration plan, the owner should be confident and try not to be too complicated

at present, the state has strict restrictions on harmful substances. Building materials are restricted by the ten limit standards for harmful substances. In terms of decoration, the new contract for home decoration in 2005 has taken whether the indoor air is qualified as a part of evaluating whether the decoration quality is qualified, so as to ensure the health interests of the owners

later stage: environmental treatment products should be used with caution

the indoor environmental pollution survey data of the "China indoor environmental pollution control system project" show that China's indoor environmental pollution problem is very prominent. In November 2004, the "national indoor environmental pollution control office" was established in Beijing. It is a professional working organization to guide the national indoor environmental pollution control, control indoor environmental pollution, purify indoor air, and standardize and guide treatment products. According to Song Guangsheng, director of the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association, there are hundreds of environmental treatment products on the market at present, most of which are hype, and very few can really play their promised role. Due to the different pharmacology of these treatment products, there is no relevant specification at present. Consumers can check their tests when buying

lazy tricks

how much is the air detection done

indoor air detection items include formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and its volatiles, radon, a total of five items, each of which charges 200-300 yuan per point. Generally, 1-3 detection points should be set in a space of 50 square meters. For families, formaldehyde should be detected in the space with wood-based panels, and benzene, TVOC and volatile matter should be detected in the space with paint brushing; Radon should be detected in natural stones. From the experience of detection, at present, the probability of radon in families is relatively small. Generally, families can detect formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and their volatiles, which costs about 900 yuan. Moreover, it is best to conduct indoor air detection before the furniture is placed, otherwise it is not easy to identify the pollution responsibility

intimate reminder

help in the air testing industry

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the national indoor environmental pollution control office answers the consultation and complaint of urban environmental pollution through the national indoor environmental governance hotline, invites indoor environmental protection experts to answer the difficult problems of indoor environmental protection for the public free of charge, and provides free scientific and reliable urban environmental pollution control schemes for the majority of owners

lazy people experience

healthy floors, it is best to buy them in person

case playback: Ms. Xie bought a new commercial house in Xicheng District, and after decoration, she moved in. Ms. Xie felt that not only the floor smell was obvious, but also dizzy. Find the environmental protection monitoring unit. Formaldehyde exceeds the standard by three times. However, because the room has been equipped with furniture, it is difficult to identify the responsibility

consumers say: in fact, I'm mainly worried about the health of my children. Now the company selling floors doesn't admit it, so I have to lay it again

consumption warning: there are many air quality disputes caused by building materials products

in the current environment, it is still necessary to see more about building materials products by yourself. The price of qualified products of brands may be higher, but it will still reduce the trouble encountered by Ms. Xie


the decoration scheme is reasonable and concise

Xie hengzeng million homes supervision company business director

after the decoration acceptance, ventilation should be carried out in time, preferably between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. in winter, and if there is still pungent smell after 5 days, it is best to do environmental protection monitoring

in addition, the national environmental protection standard is no more than 8 mg per cubic meter. It is best to control it at about 4 mg per cubic meter before moving in the furniture, so as to avoid exceeding the standard after moving in the furniture. Therefore, the decoration scheme should be reasonable and concise as far as possible. The more complex and luxurious the decoration is, the easier it is to have hidden dangers

indoor pollution prevention comes first

Tian Dexiang, director and professor of the education and Research Office of the school of environment, Peking University

a safe indoor environment means that the concentration of harmful substances in the indoor air is lower than the relevant national standards and will not endanger human health. To ensure the safety of the indoor environment, we must first ensure that the indoor decoration is pollution-free, that the decoration materials are environmentally friendly, that the decoration design is environmentally friendly, and that the construction technology is scientific, and that all links comply with the national control standards

secondly, we should ensure that indoor furniture is pollution-free. Only when the selection of furniture materials and processing technology meet the standard of "limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials", can it be environmentally friendly and pollution-free furniture

recognize the CMA test report

Song Guangsheng, director of the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association

there are four kinds of problems in the current testing market: first, some testing units do not follow the standards and the testing is not strict; Second, the quality of some employees can not meet the requirements; Third, the market of testing instruments is not standardized; Fourth, some testing institutions take the form of subcontracting, which leads to the chaos of the testing market. To select a testing institution with national qualification, the testing institution must also issue a testing report printed with the CMA mark of metrological certification. If the other party cannot issue it, it can refuse to pay the testing fee




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