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Nowadays, the kitchen electricity market has entered a period of rapid development, and many kitchen electricity enterprises have sprung up. In the fierce competition, the development strategy of kitchen electricity enterprises is becoming more and more important. Among many kitchen electricity brands, Cohen appliances has quickly become the upstream brand of the kitchen electricity industry with its unique strategic planning and advanced technology. Cohen appliances is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing and sales of kitchen appliances. Its products cover a full range of kitchen appliances, such as range hoods, gas stoves, integrated stoves, water heaters and so on. After more than 9 years of steady development, Cohen ranks among the top ten brands of kitchen appliances in China

in order to actively respond to the national "made in China 2025" strategic deployment, Cohen appliance, an expert in kitchen electrical products, has made a series of upgrading breakthroughs in appearance and performance by virtue of high-tech production lines, CNAs Certification Laboratories and other modern professional production equipment, technical processes and strict control procedures, accelerating the process of intelligent quality manufacturing, striving to create a perfect kitchen electrical products, and constantly improving the core competitiveness of the brand, Boost the transformation and development of kitchen electrical industry. It has played a positive demonstration and leading role, opened a new mode of industrial development, opened up new space for industrial development, and promoted the development, quality and upgrading of the whole industry

since the beginning of September, long-distance buses full of advertisements of Cohen appliances have started to travel to and from Shengzhou, the "kitchen capital of China", and all regions of the country. So far, the passenger transport advertisement of Cohen appliances has been fully launched. The advertising of the whole carriage allows passengers to have close contact with Cohen brand and product information on their seats. Better narrow the distance between passengers and Cohen appliances, strengthen brand communication and trust, and strengthen brand recognition

equipped with high-end equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, rigorous quality inspection, efficient production efficiency, rigorous testing procedures, Cohen appliances, like a long-distance bus, has been moving forward and never stopped. This measure is accelerating the opening of a new era of brand marketing, focusing on the end market, achieving accurate brand dissemination, highlighting the brand strength of Cohen appliances, new image, and new advertising to help brand marketing upgrade, At the same time, it also marks the opening of a new chapter in the new positioning of Cohen electric appliance enterprises, further consolidate the strength of Cohen brand construction, and take the depth and breadth of brand promotion to a new level, so as to better close the distance between consumers and Cohen electric appliance, strengthen brand communication and trust, and strengthen brand awareness




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